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The Epistle to the Romans: Outline of the Epistle to the Romans

There is much excellent material in the Epistle to the Romans. It can be used in either personal witness to the Christian gospel or formal public preaching. Nevertheless, the letter is not so much the preaching of the gospel to the unsaved sinner as the teaching of the gospel to the Christian believer on the Lord Jesus Christ. It gives us the very foundation of Christian teaching.

We begin today a series of talks. They demonstrate the way in which the Apostle Paul outlines, in the sixteen chapters of Romans, what we need to know about God Himself; also what we need to know about ourselves. That will enable us to be assured that we are right in our personal relationship with God. They will also sustain us in right relationship with our fellow men and women.

In this, our first talk, we are looking at the layout of the letter as a whole and the way the teaching develops. Romans is the most orderly of all the New Testament letters. It is certainly in the right place. It comes straight after the record of the early years of the Christian church recorded in the Book of Acts.

As a start, I am going to give you three words; well known, much used words amongst Christians. They summarise the layout of The Epistle to the Romans. Generally speaking,

The three words are: