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Publications by Truth for Today Speakers

As well as teaming up with Truth for Today to publish publications of Truth for Today broadcasts, as shown on the Broadcast Publication page, Scripture Truth Publications (STP) of Crewe has also published several books by the following Truth for Today speakers.

All books are available through STP. Please note that all external links on this page will open new windows.

David Anderson
Remembering my Creator since my youth
Book - "Remembering my Creator since my youth"

This book is not primarily about the “science versus the Bible” debate but about the more important matter of what the Bible, the Word of God, teaches about creation; and the need for 21st-century Christians to stand for this teaching in an increasingly materialistic and secular world, marked by aggressive and hostile atheism. As the uniquely reliable source of truth about all matters of the Christian faith, it should be no surprise that the Bible clearly addresses the issues relating to the origins of the universe, the world and life itself. It states that by faith Christians understand that the universe was created by the word of God. So what must I believe about creation? This apologia for the biblical view attempts to answer that crucial question.

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Also available for the Amazon Kindle.

Yannick Ford
The Gospel in Job
Book - "The Gospel in Job"

A commentary on Job, which shows that there is one message of salvation throughout the Bible. This work also shows how the lessons that Job learned can teach us not to rely on ourselves, but to trust in the Lord Jesus. It takes up the points made by Job and his friends, and shows how these can be understood in the light of the Bible as a whole.

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Fruit for Christ’s Labour
Book - "Fruit for Christ’s Labour"

“He shall see the labour of His soul, and be satisfied”, prophesied Isaiah. His prophecy was fulfilled by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, with wonderful far-reaching results. They are the fruit of the labour of Jesus: closely associated with our current and future blessing. The author explores some of this glorious fruit in this book.

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Also available for the Amazon Kindle.

George Stevens
Christ is My Beloved
Book - "Christ is My Beloved"

A Devotional Study of Portraits of Christ in the Song of Solomon. Meditations stemming from a devotional study of portraits of Christ in the Song of Solomon.

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