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This page is showing a full list of all broadcasts by members of the Truth for Today team to date.

Number Title Speaker Scripture Date Series
T0001 Forgiveness Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 4200736‑50!4700736‑50Luke 7:36‑50 19980405,05/04/98,5/4/98,05/04/199805/04/1998 The Great Salvation
T0002 Justification Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 47005021!100050212 Corinthians 5:21 19980412,12/04/98,12/4/98,12/04/199812/04/1998 The Great Salvation
T0003 Redemption Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 45003024!61003024Romans 3:24 19980419,19/04/98,19/4/98,19/04/199819/04/1998 The Great Salvation
T0004 Reconciliation Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 42015021!47015021Luke 15:21 19980426,26/04/98,26/4/98,26/04/199826/04/1998 The Great Salvation
T0005 Salvation Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 010455‑7!300455‑7Genesis 45:5‑7 19980503,03/05/98,3/5/98,03/05/199803/05/1998 The Great Salvation
T0006 Sanctification Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 43017017!40017017John 17:17 19980510,10/05/98,10/5/98,10/05/199810/05/1998 The Great Salvation
T0007 Introduction to 1 Thessalonians Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 440171‑9!180171‑9Acts 17:1‑9 19980517,17/05/98,17/5/98,17/05/199817/05/1998 Studies in 1 Thessalonians
T0008 1 Thessalonians 1:1‑10 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 520011‑10!070011‑101 Thessalonians 1:1‑10 19980524,24/05/98,24/5/98,24/05/199824/05/1998 Studies in 1 Thessalonians
T0009 1 Thessalonians 2:1‑20 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 520021‑20!070021‑201 Thessalonians 2:1‑20 19980531,31/05/98,31/5/98,31/05/199831/05/1998 Studies in 1 Thessalonians
T0010 1 Thessalonians 3:1‑13 Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 520031‑13!070031‑131 Thessalonians 3:1‑13 19980607,07/06/98,7/6/98,07/06/199807/06/1998 Studies in 1 Thessalonians
T0011 1 Thessalonians 4:1‑12 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 520041‑12!070041‑121 Thessalonians 4:1‑12 19980614,14/06/98,14/6/98,14/06/199814/06/1998 Studies in 1 Thessalonians
T0012 1 Thessalonians 4:13‑18 Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 5200413‑18!0700413‑181 Thessalonians 4:13‑18 19980621,21/06/98,21/6/98,21/06/199821/06/1998 Studies in 1 Thessalonians
T0013 1 Thessalonians 5:1‑28 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 520051‑28!070051‑281 Thessalonians 5:1‑28 19980628,28/06/98,28/6/98,28/06/199828/06/1998 Studies in 1 Thessalonians
T0014 Questions on The Second Coming of Christ Panel!PanelPanel 5200413‑18!0700413‑181 Thessalonians 4:13‑18 19980705,05/07/98,5/7/98,05/07/199805/07/1998 Studies in 1 Thessalonians
T0015 New Birth Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 430031‑17!400031‑17John 3:1‑17 19980712,12/07/98,12/7/98,12/07/199812/07/1998 The Great Salvation
T0016 Quickening Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 490021‑10!240021‑10Ephesians 2:1‑10 19980719,19/07/98,19/7/98,19/07/199819/07/1998 The Great Salvation
T0017 The Gift of the Holy Spirit Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 4301416‑17!4001416‑17John 14:16‑17 19980802,02/08/98,2/8/98,02/08/199802/08/1998 The Great Salvation
T0018 New Creation Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 47005017!100050172 Corinthians 5:17 19980809,09/08/98,9/8/98,09/08/199809/08/1998 The Great Salvation
T0019 Isaac Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 01022001!30022001Genesis 22:1 19980816,16/08/98,16/8/98,16/08/199816/08/1998 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0020 Rebekah Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 01024001!30024001Genesis 24:1 19980823,23/08/98,23/8/98,23/08/199823/08/1998 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0021 Jacob Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 01027001!30027001Genesis 27:1 19980830,30/08/98,30/8/98,30/08/199830/08/1998 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0022 Joseph Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 01037001!30037001Genesis 37:1 19980906,06/09/98,6/9/98,06/09/199806/09/1998 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0023 Moses Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 02002001!26002001Exodus 2:1 19980913,13/09/98,13/9/98,13/09/199813/09/1998 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0024 Ruth Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 08001001!62001001Ruth 1:1 19980920,20/09/98,20/9/98,20/09/199820/09/1998 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0025 Hannah Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 09001001!060010011 Samuel 1:1 19980927,27/09/98,27/9/98,27/09/199827/09/1998 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0026 I am the Bread of Life Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 4300622‑40!4000622‑40John 6:22‑40 19981004,04/10/98,4/10/98,04/10/199804/10/1998 The seven "I Am's"
T0027 I am the Light of the World Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 430081‑12!400081‑12John 8:1‑12 19981011,11/10/98,11/10/98,11/10/199811/10/1998 The seven "I Am's"
T0028 I am the Door of the Sheep Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 43010009!40010009John 10:9 19981018,18/10/98,18/10/98,18/10/199818/10/1998 The seven "I Am's"
T0029 I am the Good Shepherd Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 43010010!40010010John 10:10 19981025,25/10/98,25/10/98,25/10/199825/10/1998 The seven "I Am's"
T0030 I am the Resurrection and the Life Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 430111‑44!400111‑44John 11:1‑44 19981101,01/11/98,1/11/98,01/11/199801/11/1998 The seven "I Am's"
T0031 I am the Way, the Truth and the Life Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 430141‑6!400141‑6John 14:1‑6 19981108,08/11/98,8/11/98,08/11/199808/11/1998 The seven "I Am's"
T0032 I am the True Vine Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 430151‑8!400151‑8John 15:1‑8 19981115,15/11/98,15/11/98,15/11/199815/11/1998 The seven "I Am's"
T0033 Ephesians 1:1‑14 - The Will of God Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 490011‑14!240011‑14Ephesians 1:1‑14 19981122,22/11/98,22/11/98,22/11/199822/11/1998 The Epistle to the Ephesians
T0034 Ephesians 1:15‑23 - First prayer (That ye may know…) Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 4900115‑23!2400115‑23Ephesians 1:15‑23 19981129,29/11/98,29/11/98,29/11/199829/11/1998 The Epistle to the Ephesians
T0035 Ephesians 2:1‑22 - Workmanship (Three Persons in Godhead) Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 490021‑22!240021‑22Ephesians 2:1‑22 19981206,06/12/98,6/12/98,06/12/199806/12/1998 The Epistle to the Ephesians
T0036 Ephesians 3:1‑13 - The Mystery Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 490031‑13!240031‑13Ephesians 3:1‑13 19981213,13/12/98,13/12/98,13/12/199813/12/1998 The Epistle to the Ephesians
T0037 The True Meaning of Christmas (1998) Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 4000120‑21!5000120‑21Matthew 1:20‑21 19981220,20/12/98,20/12/98,20/12/199820/12/1998 Christmas
T0038 Ephesians 3:14‑21 - Second Prayer (The inner man) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4900314‑21!2400314‑21Ephesians 3:14‑21 19981227,27/12/98,27/12/98,27/12/199827/12/1998 The Epistle to the Ephesians
T0039 Ephesians 4:1‑16 - The Unity of the Spirit and Gifts Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 490041‑16!240041‑16Ephesians 4:1‑16 19990103,03/01/99,3/1/99,03/01/199903/01/1999 The Epistle to the Ephesians
T0040 Ephesians 4:7‑5:20 - The Believer's Walk Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4900416‑5:2!2400416‑5:2Ephesians 4:16‑5:2 19990110,10/01/99,10/1/99,10/01/199910/01/1999 The Epistle to the Ephesians
T0041 Ephesians 5:21‑6:9 - Relationships (Marriage etc.) Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 4900521‑6:9!2400521‑6:9Ephesians 5:21‑6:9 19990117,17/01/99,17/1/99,17/01/199917/01/1999 The Epistle to the Ephesians
T0042 Ephesians 6:10‑24 - Warfare (The Whole Armour of God) Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 4900610‑24!2400610‑24Ephesians 6:10‑24 19990124,24/01/99,24/1/99,24/01/199924/01/1999 The Epistle to the Ephesians
T0043 Introduction to the Seven Churches Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 66001001!60001001Revelation 1:1 19990131,31/01/99,31/1/99,31/01/199931/01/1999 The Seven Churches of Revelation (Chapters 2 and 3)
T0044 Revelation 2:1‑7 - Ephesus Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 660021‑7!600021‑7Revelation 2:1‑7 19990207,07/02/99,7/2/99,07/02/199907/02/1999 The Seven Churches of Revelation (Chapters 2 and 3)
T0045 Revelation 2:8‑11 - Smyrna Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 660028‑11!600028‑11Revelation 2:8‑11 19990214,14/02/99,14/2/99,14/02/199914/02/1999 The Seven Churches of Revelation (Chapters 2 and 3)
T0046 Revelation 2:12‑17 - Pergamos Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 6600212‑17!6000212‑17Revelation 2:12‑17 19990221,21/02/99,21/2/99,21/02/199921/02/1999 The Seven Churches of Revelation (Chapters 2 and 3)
T0047 Revelation 2:18‑29 - Thyatira Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 6600218‑29!6000218‑29Revelation 2:18‑29 19990228,28/02/99,28/2/99,28/02/199928/02/1999 The Seven Churches of Revelation (Chapters 2 and 3)
T0048 Revelation 3:1‑6 - Sardis Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 660031‑6!600031‑6Revelation 3:1‑6 19990307,07/03/99,7/3/99,07/03/199907/03/1999 The Seven Churches of Revelation (Chapters 2 and 3)
T0049 Revelation 3:7‑13 - Philadelphia Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 660037‑13!600037‑13Revelation 3:7‑13 19990314,14/03/99,14/3/99,14/03/199914/03/1999 The Seven Churches of Revelation (Chapters 2 and 3)
T0050 Revelation 3:14‑22 - Laodicea Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 6600314‑22!6000314‑22Revelation 3:14‑22 19990321,21/03/99,21/3/99,21/03/199921/03/1999 The Seven Churches of Revelation (Chapters 2 and 3)
T0051 The Cross (1999) Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4202334‑46!4702334‑46Luke 23:34‑46 19990328,28/03/99,28/3/99,28/03/199928/03/1999 Easter
T0052 The Resurrection (1999) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 46015001!020150011 Corinthians 15:1 19990404,04/04/99,4/4/99,04/04/199904/04/1999 Easter
T0053 Acts 16:1‑40 - The Gospel into Europe Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 440166‑40!180166‑40Acts 16:6‑40 19990411,11/04/99,11/4/99,11/04/199911/04/1999 Philippians - The Christian Life
T0054 Philippians 1:1‑30 - The Joy of Being a Christian Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 500011‑30!570011‑30Philippians 1:1‑30 19990418,18/04/99,18/4/99,18/04/199918/04/1999 Philippians - The Christian Life
T0055 Philippians 2:1‑11 - The Humble Mind Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 500021‑11!570021‑11Philippians 2:1‑11 19990425,25/04/99,25/4/99,25/04/199925/04/1999 Philippians - The Christian Life
T0056 Philippians 2:12‑30 - The Lowly Mind Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 5000212‑30!5700212‑30Philippians 2:12‑30 19990502,02/05/99,2/5/99,02/05/199902/05/1999 Philippians - The Christian Life
T0057 Philippians 3:1‑21 - Keep your eye on the Goal Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 500031‑21!570031‑21Philippians 3:1‑21 19990509,09/05/99,9/5/99,09/05/199909/05/1999 Philippians - The Christian Life
T0058 Philippians 4:1‑23 - Victorious Christian Living Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 500041‑23!570041‑23Philippians 4:1‑23 19990516,16/05/99,16/5/99,16/05/199916/05/1999 Philippians - The Christian Life
T0059 The Ascension and Coming of Holy Spirit Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 43003013!40003013John 3:13 19990523,23/05/99,23/5/99,23/05/199923/05/1999 The Ascension
T0060 What is a Miracle? Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 44002022!18002022Acts 2:22 19990530,30/05/99,30/5/99,30/05/199930/05/1999 Various Topics
T0061 Moses and the Burning Bush Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 020031‑22!260031‑22Exodus 3:1‑22 19990606,06/06/99,6/6/99,06/06/199906/06/1999 Old Testament Miracles
T0062 Moses and the Brazen Serpent Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 040214‑9!540214‑9Numbers 21:4‑9 19990613,13/06/99,13/6/99,13/06/199913/06/1999 Old Testament Miracles
T0063 Joshua and Crossing Jordan Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 060031‑17!420031‑17Joshua 3:1‑17 19990620,20/06/99,20/6/99,20/06/199920/06/1999 Old Testament Miracles
T0064 Elijah and the Feeding by Ravens Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 110171‑24!040171‑241 Kings 17:1‑24 19990627,27/06/99,27/6/99,27/06/199927/06/1999 Old Testament Miracles
T0065 Elijah at Mount Carmel Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 1101820‑46!0401820‑461 Kings 18:20‑46 19990704,04/07/99,4/7/99,04/07/199904/07/1999 Old Testament Miracles
T0066 Elisha and the Shunammite Woman Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 120048‑37!120048‑372 Kings 4:8‑37 19990711,11/07/99,11/7/99,11/07/199911/07/1999 Old Testament Miracles
T0067 Luke 15 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 42015001!47015001Luke 15:1 19990718,18/07/99,18/7/99,18/07/199918/07/1999 Great Chapters of the Bible
T0068 John 3 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 43003001!40003001John 3:1 19990725,25/07/99,25/7/99,25/07/199925/07/1999 Great Chapters of the Bible
T0069 Romans 5 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 45005001!61005001Romans 5:1 19990801,01/08/99,1/8/99,01/08/199901/08/1999 Great Chapters of the Bible
T0070 Romans 8 Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 45008001!61008001Romans 8:1 19990808,08/08/99,8/8/99,08/08/199908/08/1999 Great Chapters of the Bible
T0071 1 Corinthians 13 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 46013001!020130011 Corinthians 13:1 19990815,15/08/99,15/8/99,15/08/199915/08/1999 Great Chapters of the Bible
T0072 1 Corinthians 15 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 46015001!020150011 Corinthians 15:1 19990822,22/08/99,22/8/99,22/08/199922/08/1999 Great Chapters of the Bible
T0073 Revelation 5 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 66005001!60005001Revelation 5:1 19990829,29/08/99,29/8/99,29/08/199929/08/1999 Great Chapters of the Bible
T0074 Revelation 20 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 66020001!60020001Revelation 20:1 19990905,05/09/99,5/9/99,05/09/199905/09/1999 Great Chapters of the Bible
T0075 Is Jesus God? Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 4301030‑33!4001030‑33John 10:30‑33 19990912,12/09/99,12/9/99,12/09/199912/09/1999 The Person of Christ
T0076 Is Jesus Man? Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4000118‑25!5000118‑25Matthew 1:18‑25 19990919,19/09/99,19/9/99,19/09/199919/09/1999 The Person of Christ
T0077 Jesus the Lord Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 430065‑14!400065‑14John 6:5‑14 19990926,26/09/99,26/9/99,26/09/199926/09/1999 The Person of Christ
T0078 Jesus the Head Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 51001018!20001018Colossians 1:18 19991003,03/10/99,3/10/99,03/10/199903/10/1999 The Person of Christ
T0079 Jesus the Priest and Advocate Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 620011:7‑20:2!030011:7‑20:21 John 1:1:7‑20:2 19991010,10/10/99,10/10/99,10/10/199910/10/1999 The Person of Christ
T0080 Jesus the Judge Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 47005010!100050102 Corinthians 5:10 19991017,17/10/99,17/10/99,17/10/199917/10/1999 The Person of Christ
T0081 I will build My Church - Matthew 16 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 40016018!50016018Matthew 16:18 19991024,24/10/99,24/10/99,24/10/199924/10/1999 The Church of Christ
T0082 The Body of Christ - 1 Corinthians 12 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 460121‑31!020121‑311 Corinthians 12:1‑31 19991031,31/10/99,31/10/99,31/10/199931/10/1999 The Church of Christ
T0083 The House of God - 1 Timothy 3 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 4900219‑22!2400219‑22Ephesians 2:19‑22 19991107,07/11/99,7/11/99,07/11/199907/11/1999 The Church of Christ
T0084 The Bride of Christ - John 3:29 and Revelation 21 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 66019007!60019007Revelation 19:7 19991114,14/11/99,14/11/99,14/11/199914/11/1999 The Church of Christ
T0085 Elimelech and Naomi Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 080011‑22!620011‑22Ruth 1:1‑22 19991121,21/11/99,21/11/99,21/11/199921/11/1999 Bible Families
T0086 Boaz and Ruth Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 080021‑3:18!620021‑3:18Ruth 2:1‑3:18 19991128,28/11/99,28/11/99,28/11/199928/11/1999 Bible Families
T0087 Zecharias and Elizabeth Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 420011‑80!470011‑80Luke 1:1‑80 19991205,05/12/99,5/12/99,05/12/199905/12/1999 Bible Families
T0088 Joseph and Mary Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4000118‑21!5000118‑21Matthew 1:18‑21 19991212,12/12/99,12/12/99,12/12/199912/12/1999 Bible Families
T0089 Christmas Message (1999) Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 420021‑20!470021‑20Luke 2:1‑20 19991219,19/12/99,19/12/99,19/12/199919/12/1999 Christmas
T0090 The Christian family - Marriage Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 440181‑3!180181‑3Acts 18:1‑3 19991226,26/12/99,26/12/99,26/12/199926/12/1999 Family Life
T0091 The Millennium - The Scriptural Position Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 660202‑7!600202‑7Revelation 20:2‑7 20000102,02/01/00,2/1/00,02/01/200002/01/2000 Special Broadcasts
T0092 Psalms 1 and 2 Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 190011‑2:12!590011‑2:12Psalm 1:1‑2:12 20000109,09/01/00,9/1/00,09/01/200009/01/2000 Comments from Book 1 of the Psalms
T0093 Psalm 8 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 190081‑9!590081‑9Psalm 8:1‑9 20000116,16/01/00,16/1/00,16/01/200016/01/2000 Comments from Book 1 of the Psalms
T0094 Psalm 16 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 190161‑11!590161‑11Psalm 16:1‑11 20000123,23/01/00,23/1/00,23/01/200023/01/2000 Comments from Book 1 of the Psalms
T0095 Psalm 22 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 190221‑31!590221‑31Psalm 22:1‑31 20000130,30/01/00,30/1/00,30/01/200030/01/2000 Comments from Book 1 of the Psalms
T0096 Psalm 23 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 190231‑6!590231‑6Psalm 23:1‑6 20000206,06/02/00,6/2/00,06/02/200006/02/2000 Comments from Book 1 of the Psalms
T0097 Psalm 24 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 190241‑10!590241‑10Psalm 24:1‑10 20000213,13/02/00,13/2/00,13/02/200013/02/2000 Comments from Book 1 of the Psalms
T0098 Revelation 1:1‑5:14 - The Church on Earth and in Glory Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 660011‑5:14!600011‑5:14Revelation 1:1‑5:14 20000220,20/02/00,20/2/00,20/02/200020/02/2000 A Summary of the Book of The Revelation
T0099 Revelation 6:1‑8:1 - The Seven Seals Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 660061‑8:1!600061‑8:1Revelation 6:1‑8:1 20000227,27/02/00,27/2/00,27/02/200027/02/2000 A Summary of the Book of The Revelation
T0100 Revelation 8:2‑11:18 - The Seven Trumpets Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 660082‑11:18!600082‑11:18Revelation 8:2‑11:18 20000305,05/03/00,5/3/00,05/03/200005/03/2000 A Summary of the Book of The Revelation
T0101 Revelation 11:19‑14:20 - The Trinity of Evil Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 6601119‑14:20!6001119‑14:20Revelation 11:19‑14:20 20000312,12/03/00,12/3/00,12/03/200012/03/2000 A Summary of the Book of The Revelation
T0102 Revelation 15:1‑18:24 - The Seven Vials and the Mystery of Babylon Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 660151‑18:24!600151‑18:24Revelation 15:1‑18:24 20000319,19/03/00,19/3/00,19/03/200019/03/2000 A Summary of the Book of The Revelation
T0103 Revelation 19:1‑22:21 - The Church and the Great White Throne Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 660191‑22:21!600191‑22:21Revelation 19:1‑22:21 20000326,26/03/00,26/3/00,26/03/200026/03/2000 A Summary of the Book of The Revelation
T0104 John 13:1‑38 - Jesus' Farewell Words 1 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 430131‑38!400131‑38John 13:1‑38 20000402,02/04/00,2/4/00,02/04/200002/04/2000 Jesus' Farewell Words
T0105 John 14:1‑14 - Jesus' Farewell Words 2 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 430141‑14!400141‑14John 14:1‑14 20000409,09/04/00,9/4/00,09/04/200009/04/2000 Jesus' Farewell Words
T0106 John 14:15‑31 - Jesus' Farewell Words 3 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 4301415‑31!4001415‑31John 14:15‑31 20000416,16/04/00,16/4/00,16/04/200016/04/2000 Jesus' Farewell Words
T0107 Easter Message (2000) Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 190691‑2,4,20!590691‑2,4,20Psalm 69:1‑2,4,20 20000423,23/04/00,23/4/00,23/04/200023/04/2000 Easter
T0108 John 15:1‑27 - Jesus' Farewell Words 4 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 430151‑27!400151‑27John 15:1‑27 20000430,30/04/00,30/4/00,30/04/200030/04/2000 Jesus' Farewell Words
T0109 John 16:1‑33 - Jesus' Farewell Words 5 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 430161‑33!400161‑33John 16:1‑33 20000507,07/05/00,7/5/00,07/05/200007/05/2000 Jesus' Farewell Words
T0110 John 17:1‑26 - Jesus' Farewell Words 6 Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 430171‑26!400171‑26John 17:1‑26 20000514,14/05/00,14/5/00,14/05/200014/05/2000 Jesus' Farewell Words
T0111 Jacob in Canaan Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 0102521‑34!3002521‑34Genesis 25:21‑34 20000521,21/05/00,21/5/00,21/05/200021/05/2000 Lessons from the life of Jacob
T0112 Jacob at Bethel Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 0102810‑22!3002810‑22Genesis 28:10‑22 20000528,28/05/00,28/5/00,28/05/200028/05/2000 Lessons from the life of Jacob
T0113 Jacob at Peniel Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 0103222‑32!3003222‑32Genesis 32:22‑32 20000604,04/06/00,4/6/00,04/06/200004/06/2000 Lessons from the life of Jacob
T0114 Jacob at Bethel again Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 010351‑29!300351‑29Genesis 35:1‑29 20000611,11/06/00,11/6/00,11/06/200011/06/2000 Lessons from the life of Jacob
T0115 Colossians 1:1‑18 - Introduction and Pre-eminence in all things Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 510011‑18!200011‑18Colossians 1:1‑18 20000618,18/06/00,18/6/00,18/06/200018/06/2000 Paul's Letter to the Colossians
T0116 Colossians 1:19‑2:3 - Christ in you the hope of glory Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 5100119‑2:3!2000119‑2:3Colossians 1:19‑2:3 20000625,25/06/00,25/6/00,25/06/200025/06/2000 Paul's Letter to the Colossians
T0117 Colossians 2:4‑23 - You are complete in Him Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 510024‑23!200024‑23Colossians 2:4‑23 20000702,02/07/00,2/7/00,02/07/200002/07/2000 Paul's Letter to the Colossians
T0118 Colossians 3:1‑17 - Christ our life Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 510031‑17!200031‑17Colossians 3:1‑17 20000709,09/07/00,9/7/00,09/07/200009/07/2000 Paul's Letter to the Colossians
T0119 Colossians 3:18‑4:1 - You serve the Lord Christ Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 5100318‑4:1!2000318‑4:1Colossians 3:18‑4:1 20000716,16/07/00,16/7/00,16/07/200016/07/2000 Paul's Letter to the Colossians
T0120 Colossians 4:2‑18 - Pray, Walk and Talk Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 510042‑18!200042‑18Colossians 4:2‑18 20000723,23/07/00,23/7/00,23/07/200023/07/2000 Paul's Letter to the Colossians
T0121 That I may dwell among them Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 020251‑9!260251‑9Exodus 25:1‑9 20000730,30/07/00,30/7/00,30/07/200030/07/2000 A look at the Tabernacle
T0122 The Ark and the Mercy Seat Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 020251,2,8!260251,2,8Exodus 25:1,2,8 20000806,06/08/00,6/8/00,06/08/200006/08/2000 A look at the Tabernacle
T0123 The Holy Place Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 02025023!26025023Exodus 25:23 20000813,13/08/00,13/8/00,13/08/200013/08/2000 A look at the Tabernacle
T0124 The Outer Court Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 02030017!26030017Exodus 30:17 20000820,20/08/00,20/8/00,20/08/200020/08/2000 A look at the Tabernacle
T0125 A Night with the Teacher Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 430031‑11!400031‑11John 3:1‑11 20000827,27/08/00,27/8/00,27/08/200027/08/2000 Night Scenes with Jesus
T0126 A Night with a King Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 400171‑13!500171‑13Matthew 17:1‑13 20000903,03/09/00,3/9/00,03/09/200003/09/2000 Night Scenes with Jesus
T0127 A Night with the Servant Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 430131‑17!400131‑17John 13:1‑17 20000910,10/09/00,10/9/00,10/09/200010/09/2000 Night Scenes with Jesus
T0128 A Night with the Son of God Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 400261‑‑75!500261‑‑75Matthew 26:1‑‑75 20000917,17/09/00,17/9/00,17/09/200017/09/2000 Night Scenes with Jesus
T0129 A Night with the Dependent Man Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 40026036!50026036Matthew 26:36 20000924,24/09/00,24/9/00,24/09/200024/09/2000 Night Scenes with Jesus
T0130 A Night with the Risen Lord Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 430211‑25!400211‑25John 21:1‑25 20001001,01/10/00,1/10/00,01/10/200001/10/2000 Night Scenes with Jesus
T0131 Hosea Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 28001001!34001001Hosea 1:1 20001008,08/10/00,8/10/00,08/10/200008/10/2000 Messages from some Old Testament Prophets
T0132 Jonah Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 32001001!41001001Jonah 1:1 20001015,15/10/00,15/10/00,15/10/200015/10/2000 Messages from some Old Testament Prophets
T0133 Micah Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 33001001!51001001Micah 1:1 20001022,22/10/00,22/10/00,22/10/200022/10/2000 Messages from some Old Testament Prophets
T0134 Malachi Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 39001001!48001001Malachi 1:1 20001029,29/10/00,29/10/00,29/10/200029/10/2000 Messages from some Old Testament Prophets
T0135 Acts 1:1‑2:13 - Introduction and summary of the early chapters of The Acts Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 440011‑2:3!180011‑2:3Acts 1:1‑2:3 20001105,05/11/00,5/11/00,05/11/200005/11/2000 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0136 Acts 2:14‑47 - The first witness and its result Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 440024‑42!180024‑42Acts 2:4‑42 20001112,12/11/00,12/11/00,12/11/200012/11/2000 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0137 Acts 3:1‑26 - The first evidence of Power of Jesus' Name Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 440031‑2!180031‑2Acts 3:1‑2 20001119,19/11/00,19/11/00,19/11/200019/11/2000 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0138 Acts 4:1‑31 - The first opposition to the Church Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 440041‑31!180041‑31Acts 4:1‑31 20001126,26/11/00,26/11/00,26/11/200026/11/2000 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0139 Acts 4:32‑5:11 - The first attempt at sharing, the first evil and the first discipline Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 440043‑5:11!180043‑5:11Acts 4:3‑5:11 20001203,03/12/00,3/12/00,03/12/200003/12/2000 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0140 Acts 5:12‑42 - The first persecution of the Church Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4400512‑42!1800512‑42Acts 5:12‑42 20001210,10/12/00,10/12/00,10/12/200010/12/2000 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0141 Getting ready for Christmas (2000) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 230092‑7!350092‑7Isaiah 9:2‑7 20001217,17/12/00,17/12/00,17/12/200017/12/2000 Christmas
T0142 Matthew Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 40001001!50001001Matthew 1:1 20001224,24/12/00,24/12/00,24/12/200024/12/2000 The Gospel writers and their subject
T0143 Mark Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 41001001!49001001Mark 1:1 20001231,31/12/00,31/12/00,31/12/200031/12/2000 The Gospel writers and their subject
T0144 Luke Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 42001001!47001001Luke 1:1 20010107,07/01/01,7/1/01,07/01/200107/01/2001 The Gospel writers and their subject
T0145 John Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 43001001!40001001John 1:1 20010114,14/01/01,14/1/01,14/01/200114/01/2001 The Gospel writers and their subject
T0146 Psalm 45 - The King Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 190451‑17!590451‑17Psalm 45:1‑17 20010121,21/01/01,21/1/01,21/01/200121/01/2001 A second look at the Psalms
T0147 Psalm 48 - Mount Zion Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 190481‑14!590481‑14Psalm 48:1‑14 20010128,28/01/01,28/1/01,28/01/200128/01/2001 A second look at the Psalms
T0148 Psalm 69 - The Sufferings of Christ Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 190691‑36!590691‑36Psalm 69:1‑36 20010204,04/02/01,4/2/01,04/02/200104/02/2001 A second look at the Psalms
T0149 Psalm 72 - The Glory to Follow Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 190721‑20!590721‑20Psalm 72:1‑20 20010211,11/02/01,11/2/01,11/02/200111/02/2001 A second look at the Psalms
T0150 Introduction and 1 Timothy 1:1‑20 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 540011‑20!080011‑201 Timothy 1:1‑20 20010218,18/02/01,18/2/01,18/02/200118/02/2001 Paul's First Letter to Timothy
T0151 1 Timothy 2:1‑15 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 540021‑15!080021‑151 Timothy 2:1‑15 20010225,25/02/01,25/2/01,25/02/200125/02/2001 Paul's First Letter to Timothy
T0152 1 Timothy 3:1‑16 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 540031‑16!080031‑161 Timothy 3:1‑16 20010304,04/03/01,4/3/01,04/03/200104/03/2001 Paul's First Letter to Timothy
T0153 1 Timothy 4:1‑16 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 540041‑16!080041‑161 Timothy 4:1‑16 20010311,11/03/01,11/3/01,11/03/200111/03/2001 Paul's First Letter to Timothy
T0154 1 Timothy 5:1‑25 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 540051‑25!080051‑251 Timothy 5:1‑25 20010318,18/03/01,18/3/01,18/03/200118/03/2001 Paul's First Letter to Timothy
T0155 1 Timothy 6:1‑21 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 540061‑21!080061‑211 Timothy 6:1‑21 20010325,25/03/01,25/3/01,25/03/200125/03/2001 Paul's First Letter to Timothy
T0156 Galatians 1:1‑24 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 480011‑24!290011‑24Galatians 1:1‑24 20010401,01/04/01,1/4/01,01/04/200101/04/2001 A look at the Epistle to the Galatians
T0157 Galatians 2:1‑21 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 480021‑21!290021‑21Galatians 2:1‑21 20010408,08/04/01,8/4/01,08/04/200108/04/2001 A look at the Epistle to the Galatians
T0158 Easter - The Cross (2001) Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 50002008!57002008Philippians 2:8 20010415,15/04/01,15/4/01,15/04/200115/04/2001 Easter
T0159 Galatians 3:1‑29 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 480031‑29!290031‑29Galatians 3:1‑29 20010422,22/04/01,22/4/01,22/04/200122/04/2001 A look at the Epistle to the Galatians
T0160 Galatians 4:1‑31 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 480041‑31!290041‑31Galatians 4:1‑31 20010429,29/04/01,29/4/01,29/04/200129/04/2001 A look at the Epistle to the Galatians
T0161 Galatians 5:1‑26 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 480051‑26!290051‑26Galatians 5:1‑26 20010506,06/05/01,6/5/01,06/05/200106/05/2001 A look at the Epistle to the Galatians
T0162 Galatians 6:1‑18 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 480061‑20!290061‑20Galatians 6:1‑20 20010513,13/05/01,13/5/01,13/05/200113/05/2001 A look at the Epistle to the Galatians
T0163 The Promise of the Comforter Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4301415‑18!4001415‑18John 14:15‑18 20010520,20/05/01,20/5/01,20/05/200120/05/2001 The Holy Spirit
T0164 Pentecost Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 440021‑41!180021‑41Acts 2:1‑41 20010527,27/05/01,27/5/01,27/05/200127/05/2001 The Holy Spirit
T0165 The Seal and the Earnest Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 47001022!100010222 Corinthians 1:22 20010603,03/06/01,3/6/01,03/06/200103/06/2001 The Holy Spirit
T0166 The Gifts of the Spirit Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 460121‑11!020121‑111 Corinthians 12:1‑11 20010610,10/06/01,10/6/01,10/06/200110/06/2001 The Holy Spirit
T0167 The Fruit of the Spirit Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 4800522‑23!2900522‑23Galatians 5:22‑23 20010617,17/06/01,17/6/01,17/06/200117/06/2001 The Holy Spirit
T0168 Abraham, Abraham - Genesis 22:11 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 01022011!30022011Genesis 22:11 20010624,24/06/01,24/6/01,24/06/200124/06/2001 Double calls
T0169 Jacob, Jacob - Genesis 46:2 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 01046002!30046002Genesis 46:2 20010701,01/07/01,1/7/01,01/07/200101/07/2001 Double calls
T0170 Moses, Moses - Exodus 3:4 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 020031‑5!260031‑5Exodus 3:1‑5 20010708,08/07/01,8/7/01,08/07/200108/07/2001 Double calls
T0171 Samuel, Samuel - 1 Samuel 3:10 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 090031‑21!060031‑211 Samuel 3:1‑21 20010715,15/07/01,15/7/01,15/07/200115/07/2001 Double calls
T0172 Its Divine Inspiration Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 55003016!160030162 Timothy 3:16 20010722,22/07/01,22/7/01,22/07/200122/07/2001 The Bible for Today
T0173 Its Contents Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 55003016!160030162 Timothy 3:16 20010729,29/07/01,29/7/01,29/07/200129/07/2001 The Bible for Today
T0174 The Jew and the Gentile Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 010121‑3!300121‑3Genesis 12:1‑3 20010805,05/08/01,5/8/01,05/08/200105/08/2001 The Bible for Today
T0175 The Dispensations Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 0100126‑2:25!3000126‑2:25Genesis 1:26‑2:25 20010812,12/08/01,12/8/01,12/08/200112/08/2001 The Bible for Today
T0176 The Apostles' Doctrine Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 44002042!18002042Acts 2:42 20010819,19/08/01,19/8/01,19/08/200119/08/2001 The Early Church - Acts 2: 42
T0177 Fellowship Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 44002042!18002042Acts 2:42 20010826,26/08/01,26/8/01,26/08/200126/08/2001 The Early Church - Acts 2: 42
T0178 The Breaking of Bread Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 44002042!18002042Acts 2:42 20010902,02/09/01,2/9/01,02/09/200102/09/2001 The Early Church - Acts 2: 42
T0179 Prayers Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 44002042!18002042Acts 2:42 20010909,09/09/01,9/9/01,09/09/200109/09/2001 The Early Church - Acts 2: 42
T0180 Introduction and Numbers 23:7‑10 Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 040237‑10!540237‑10Numbers 23:7‑10 20010916,16/09/01,16/9/01,16/09/200116/09/2001 The Parables of Balaam
T0181 Numbers 23:18‑24 Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 0402318‑24!5402318‑24Numbers 23:18‑24 20010923,23/09/01,23/9/01,23/09/200123/09/2001 The Parables of Balaam
T0182 Numbers 24:3‑9 Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 040243‑9!540243‑9Numbers 24:3‑9 20010930,30/09/01,30/9/01,30/09/200130/09/2001 The Parables of Balaam
T0183 Numbers 24:15‑25 Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 0402415‑25!5402415‑25Numbers 24:15‑25 20011007,07/10/01,7/10/01,07/10/200107/10/2001 The Parables of Balaam
T0184 The God of all Comfort (September 11th) Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 43008044!40008044John 8:44 20011014,14/10/01,14/10/01,14/10/200114/10/2001 Special Broadcasts
T0185 Acts 6:1‑8 - The first difficulty and how it was settled Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 440061‑8!180061‑8Acts 6:1‑8 20011021,21/10/01,21/10/01,21/10/200121/10/2001 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0186 Acts 6:9‑7:60 - The first Christian Martyr Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 440069‑7:60!180069‑7:60Acts 6:9‑7:60 20011028,28/10/01,28/10/01,28/10/200128/10/2001 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0187 Acts 10:1‑48 - The first Introduction to the Gentiles Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 440101‑48!180101‑48Acts 10:1‑48 20011104,04/11/01,4/11/01,04/11/200104/11/2001 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0188 Acts 11:1‑30 - The first Conference Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 440111‑30!180111‑30Acts 11:1‑30 20011111,11/11/01,11/11/01,11/11/200111/11/2001 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0189 Acts 13:1‑3 - The first missionary call Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 440131‑3!180131‑3Acts 13:1‑3 20011118,18/11/01,18/11/01,18/11/200118/11/2001 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0190 Acts 13:4‑14:27 - The first Missionary Journey Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 440134‑14:27!180134‑14:27Acts 13:4‑14:27 20011125,25/11/01,25/11/01,25/11/200125/11/2001 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0191 A man of prayer and a man of action Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 160011‑3:22!530011‑3:22Nehemiah 1:1‑3:22 20011202,02/12/01,2/12/01,02/12/200102/12/2001 Lessons from Nehemiah
T0192 A man of conflict Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 160041‑7:33!530041‑7:33Nehemiah 4:1‑7:33 20011209,09/12/01,9/12/01,09/12/200109/12/2001 Lessons from Nehemiah
T0193 A man of the Book Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 160081:13‑31!530081:13‑31Nehemiah 8:1:13‑31 20011216,16/12/01,16/12/01,16/12/200116/12/2001 Lessons from Nehemiah
T0194 A Little Town Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 33005002!51005002Micah 5:2 20011223,23/12/01,23/12/01,23/12/200123/12/2001 Gospel Messages on Little Things
T0195 A Little Maid Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 120051‑27!120051‑272 Kings 5:1‑27 20011230,30/12/01,30/12/01,30/12/200130/12/2001 Gospel Messages on Little Things
T0196 A Little Lamb Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 660056‑12!600056‑12Revelation 5:6‑12 20020106,06/01/02,6/1/02,06/01/200206/01/2002 Gospel Messages on Little Things
T0197 Little but wise Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 20030024!58030024Proverbs 30:24 20020113,13/01/02,13/1/02,13/01/200213/01/2002 Gospel Messages on Little Things
T0198 Courtship, Marriage and Divorce Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 58013004!33013004Hebrews 13:4 20020120,20/01/02,20/1/02,20/01/200220/01/2002 The Christian Family Today
T0199 Family Relationships - Children, Parents and Grandparents Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 191273‑5!591273‑5Psalm 127:3‑5 20020127,27/01/02,27/1/02,27/01/200227/01/2002 The Christian Family Today
T0200 The Family at work Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 0100317‑19!3000317‑19Genesis 3:17‑19 20020203,03/02/02,3/2/02,03/02/200203/02/2002 The Christian Family Today
T0201 The Family and Stewardship Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 420161‑13!470161‑13Luke 16:1‑13 20020210,10/02/02,10/2/02,10/02/200210/02/2002 The Christian Family Today
T0202 The Family - Current issues Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 20029015!58029015Proverbs 29:15 20020217,17/02/02,17/2/02,17/02/200217/02/2002 The Christian Family Today
T0203 The Family - Illness and death Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 430091‑41!400091‑41John 9:1‑41 20020224,24/02/02,24/2/02,24/02/200224/02/2002 The Christian Family Today
T0204 Job Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 180019‑11!380019‑11Job 1:9‑11 20020303,03/03/02,3/3/02,03/03/200203/03/2002 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0205 David Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 10023001!140230012 Samuel 23:1 20020310,10/03/02,10/3/02,10/03/200210/03/2002 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0206 The Precious Faith - 1 Peter 1:7 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 60001007!050010071 Peter 1:7 20020317,17/03/02,17/3/02,17/03/200217/03/2002 Precious things in 1 Peter
T0207 The Precious Blood - 1 Peter 1:19 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 60001019!050010191 Peter 1:19 20020324,24/03/02,24/3/02,24/03/200224/03/2002 Precious things in 1 Peter
T0208 The Precious Stone - 1 Peter 2:4‑7 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 600024‑7!050024‑71 Peter 2:4‑7 20020407,07/04/02,7/4/02,07/04/200207/04/2002 Precious things in 1 Peter
T0209 The Quiet Spirit - 1 Peter 3:4 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 60003004!050030041 Peter 3:4 20020414,14/04/02,14/4/02,14/04/200214/04/2002 Precious things in 1 Peter
T0210 Martha, Martha - Luke 10:41 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4201038‑42!4701038‑42Luke 10:38‑42 20020421,21/04/02,21/4/02,21/04/200221/04/2002 Double calls
T0211 Simon, Simon - Luke 22:31 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4202231‑32!4702231‑32Luke 22:31‑32 20020428,28/04/02,28/4/02,28/04/200228/04/2002 Double calls
T0212 Saul, Saul - Acts 9:4 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 440091‑9!180091‑9Acts 9:1‑9 20020505,05/05/02,5/5/02,05/05/200205/05/2002 Double calls
T0213 Lord, Lord - Matthew 7:21 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 40007021!50007021Matthew 7:21 20020512,12/05/02,12/5/02,12/05/200212/05/2002 Double calls
T0214 Passover Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 020121‑28!260121‑28Exodus 12:1‑28 20020519,19/05/02,19/5/02,19/05/200219/05/2002 Four Special Old Testament Days
T0215 Pentecost Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 0302315‑22!4602315‑22Leviticus 23:15‑22 20020526,26/05/02,26/5/02,26/05/200226/05/2002 Four Special Old Testament Days
T0216 Jubilee Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 030258‑17!460258‑17Leviticus 25:8‑17 20020602,02/06/02,2/6/02,02/06/200202/06/2002 Four Special Old Testament Days
T0217 Day of Atonement Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 0301629‑31!4601629‑31Leviticus 16:29‑31 20020609,09/06/02,9/6/02,09/06/200209/06/2002 Four Special Old Testament Days
T0218 Last Greetings and Encouragements - 2 Timothy 1:1‑18 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 550011‑18!160011‑182 Timothy 1:1‑18 20020616,16/06/02,16/6/02,16/06/200216/06/2002 A Look at 2 Timothy
T0219 Last Counsel for Godly Service - 2 Timothy 2:1‑26 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 550021‑26!160021‑262 Timothy 2:1‑26 20020623,23/06/02,23/6/02,23/06/200223/06/2002 A Look at 2 Timothy
T0220 Last Days and their Perils - 2 Timothy 3:1‑17 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 550031‑17!160031‑172 Timothy 3:1‑17 20020630,30/06/02,30/6/02,30/06/200230/06/2002 A Look at 2 Timothy
T0221 Last Words - 2 Timothy 4:1‑22 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 550041‑22!160041‑222 Timothy 4:1‑22 20020707,07/07/02,7/7/02,07/07/200207/07/2002 A Look at 2 Timothy
T0222 The Passover and the Red Sea Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 020121‑15:27!260121‑15:27Exodus 12:1‑15:27 20020714,14/07/02,14/7/02,14/07/200214/07/2002 Lessons from the Journey of the Children of Israel
T0223 The Wilderness Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 020151‑40:38!260151‑40:38Exodus 15:1‑40:38 20020721,21/07/02,21/7/02,21/07/200221/07/2002 Lessons from the Journey of the Children of Israel
T0224 The Jordan Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 01013010!30013010Genesis 13:10 20020728,28/07/02,28/7/02,28/07/200228/07/2002 Lessons from the Journey of the Children of Israel
T0225 The Land and the Warfare Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 49006012!24006012Ephesians 6:12 20020804,04/08/02,4/8/02,04/08/200204/08/2002 Lessons from the Journey of the Children of Israel
T0226 The Great Supper - Luke 14:16‑24 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4201416‑24!4701416‑24Luke 14:16‑24 20020811,11/08/02,11/8/02,11/08/200211/08/2002 Four New Testament Suppers
T0227 The Supper at Bethany - John 12:1‑8 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 43012018!40012018John 12:18 20020818,18/08/02,18/8/02,18/08/200218/08/2002 Four New Testament Suppers
T0228 The Lord's Supper - 1 Corinthians 11:17‑34 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 42022019!47022019Luke 22:19 20020825,25/08/02,25/8/02,25/08/200225/08/2002 Four New Testament Suppers
T0229 The Marriage Supper and the Supper of the Great God - Revelation 19:1‑16 Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 660191‑10!600191‑10Revelation 19:1‑10 20020901,01/09/02,1/9/02,01/09/200201/09/2002 Four New Testament Suppers
T0230 Song of Solomon 1:1‑2:7 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 220011‑2:7!630011‑2:7Song of Solomon 1:1‑2:7 20020908,08/09/02,8/9/02,08/09/200208/09/2002 Studies in the Song of Solomon
T0231 Song of Solomon 2:8‑3:5 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 220028‑3:5!630028‑3:5Song of Solomon 2:8‑3:5 20020915,15/09/02,15/9/02,15/09/200215/09/2002 Studies in the Song of Solomon
T0232 Song of Solomon 3:6‑4:7 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 220033:6‑4:7!630033:6‑4:7Song of Solomon 3:3:6‑4:7 20020922,22/09/02,22/9/02,22/09/200222/09/2002 Studies in the Song of Solomon
T0233 Song of Solomon 4:8‑5:1 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 220048‑5:1!630048‑5:1Song of Solomon 4:8‑5:1 20020929,29/09/02,29/9/02,29/09/200229/09/2002 Studies in the Song of Solomon
T0234 Song of Solomon 5:2‑7:9 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 220052‑7:9!630052‑7:9Song of Solomon 5:2‑7:9 20021006,06/10/02,6/10/02,06/10/200206/10/2002 Studies in the Song of Solomon
T0235 Song of Solomon 7:10‑8:14 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 2200710‑8:14!6300710‑8:14Song of Solomon 7:10‑8:14 20021013,13/10/02,13/10/02,13/10/200213/10/2002 Studies in the Song of Solomon
T0236 Temptation - How do I overcome it? Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 010031‑9!300031‑9Genesis 3:1‑9 20021020,20/10/02,20/10/02,20/10/200220/10/2002 Some Problems Christians Face
T0237 Hypocrisy - How can I be consistent? Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 420189‑13!470189‑13Luke 18:9‑13 20021027,27/10/02,27/10/02,27/10/200227/10/2002 Some Problems Christians Face
T0238 Commitment - Am I prepared to Sacrifice? Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4100834‑36!4900834‑36Mark 8:34‑36 20021103,03/11/02,3/11/02,03/11/200203/11/2002 Some Problems Christians Face
T0239 Conflict - How can it be Resolved? Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4301720‑23!4001720‑23John 17:20‑23 20021110,10/11/02,10/11/02,10/11/200210/11/2002 Some Problems Christians Face
T0240 Four Great Things in the Bible the Lord has Done - Mark 5:19‑20 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4100519‑20!4900519‑20Mark 5:19‑20 20021117,17/11/02,17/11/02,17/11/200217/11/2002 Four Great Things in the Bible
T0241 A Great Nation - Genesis 46:3 Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 01046003!30046003Genesis 46:3 20021124,24/11/02,24/11/02,24/11/200224/11/2002 Four Great Things in the Bible
T0242 So Great Salvation - Hebrews 2:3 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 58002003!33002003Hebrews 2:3 20021201,01/12/02,1/12/02,01/12/200201/12/2002 Four Great Things in the Bible
T0243 The Great Mystery - 1 Timothy 3:16 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 54003016!080030161 Timothy 3:16 20021208,08/12/02,8/12/02,08/12/200208/12/2002 Four Great Things in the Bible
T0244 The Role of Women Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 01003015!30003015Genesis 3:15 20021215,15/12/02,15/12/02,15/12/200215/12/2002 Women
T0245 Mary, the mother of Christ Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 4200128‑38!4700128‑38Luke 1:28‑38 20021222,22/12/02,22/12/02,22/12/200222/12/2002 Women
T0246 Samuel Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 09009006!060090061 Samuel 9:6 20021229,29/12/02,29/12/02,29/12/200229/12/2002 The Man of God
T0247 Elijah Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 1101718,24!0401718,241 Kings 17:18,24 20030105,05/01/03,5/1/03,05/01/200305/01/2003 The Man of God
T0248 Elisha Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 12005008!120050082 Kings 5:8 20030112,12/01/03,12/1/03,12/01/200312/01/2003 The Man of God
T0249 David Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 16012024!53012024Nehemiah 12:24 20030119,19/01/03,19/1/03,19/01/200319/01/2003 The Man of God
T0250 The Promise of His Pardon Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4300524‑25!4000524‑25John 5:24‑25 20030126,26/01/03,26/1/03,26/01/200326/01/2003 Promises of Jesus
T0251 The Promise of His Power Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 4202445‑49!4702445‑49Luke 24:45‑49 20030202,02/02/03,2/2/03,02/02/200302/02/2003 Promises of Jesus
T0252 The Promise of His Peace Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 43014027!40014027John 14:27 20030209,09/02/03,9/2/03,09/02/200309/02/2003 Promises of Jesus
T0253 The Promise of His Presence Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 40028020!50028020Matthew 28:20 20030216,16/02/03,16/2/03,16/02/200316/02/2003 Promises of Jesus
T0254 The Burnt Offering - Acceptance Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 030011‑17!460011‑17Leviticus 1:1‑17 20030223,23/02/03,23/2/03,23/02/200323/02/2003 Lessons from Old Testament Offerings
T0255 The Meal Offering - Contemplation Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 030021‑16!460021‑16Leviticus 2:1‑16 20030302,02/03/03,2/3/03,02/03/200302/03/2003 Lessons from Old Testament Offerings
T0256 The Peace Offering - Fellowship Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 030031‑17!460031‑17Leviticus 3:1‑17 20030309,09/03/03,9/3/03,09/03/200309/03/2003 Lessons from Old Testament Offerings
T0257 The Sin Offering - Forgiveness Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 030041‑35!460041‑35Leviticus 4:1‑35 20030316,16/03/03,16/3/03,16/03/200316/03/2003 Lessons from Old Testament Offerings
T0258 Truth and Tolerance Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 4300832‑36!4000832‑36John 8:32‑36 20030323,23/03/03,23/3/03,23/03/200323/03/2003 Various Topics
T0259 Dispensationalism - Is it Scriptural? Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 43001017!40001017John 1:17 20030330,30/03/03,30/3/03,30/03/200330/03/2003 Various Topics
T0260 Circumcision (Colossians 2:11) and House (2 Corinthians 2:1) Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 51002011!20002011Colossians 2:11 20030406,06/04/03,6/4/03,06/04/200306/04/2003 Made without hands
T0261 Tabernacle (Hebrews 9:11) and Temples (Acts 7:48) Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 58009011!33009011Hebrews 9:11 20030413,13/04/03,13/4/03,13/04/200313/04/2003 Made without hands
T0262 Easter Message (2003) Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 1901610‑11!5901610‑11Psalm 16:10‑11 20030420,20/04/03,20/4/03,20/04/200320/04/2003 Easter
T0263 The Liberating Power of Forgiveness Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 4402117‑23:35!1802117‑23:35Acts 21:17‑23:35 20030427,27/04/03,27/4/03,27/04/200327/04/2003 Various Topics
T0264 1 John 1:1‑2:29 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4001815‑17!5001815‑17Matthew 18:15‑17 20030504,04/05/03,4/5/03,04/05/200304/05/2003 A look at 1 John
T0265 1 John 3:1‑24 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 620011‑2:29!030011‑2:291 John 1:1‑2:29 20030511,11/05/03,11/5/03,11/05/200311/05/2003 A look at 1 John
T0266 1 John 4:1‑21 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 620031‑24!030031‑241 John 3:1‑24 20030518,18/05/03,18/5/03,18/05/200318/05/2003 A look at 1 John
T0267 1 John 5:1‑21 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 620041‑21!030041‑211 John 4:1‑21 20030525,25/05/03,25/5/03,25/05/200325/05/2003 A look at 1 John
T0268 At Work Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 620051‑21!030051‑211 John 5:1‑21 20030601,01/06/03,1/6/03,01/06/200301/06/2003 The Christian Servant
T0269 At Home Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 440181‑5!180181‑5Acts 18:1‑5 20030608,08/06/03,8/6/03,08/06/200308/06/2003 The Christian Servant
T0270 At Church Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 45012013!61012013Romans 12:13 20030615,15/06/03,15/6/03,15/06/200315/06/2003 The Christian Servant
T0271 In the Community Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 430131‑4!400131‑4John 13:1‑4 20030622,22/06/03,22/6/03,22/06/200322/06/2003 The Christian Servant
T0272 The Hand with the Plumb Line Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 5000121‑27!5700121‑27Philippians 1:21‑27 20030629,29/06/03,29/6/03,29/06/200329/06/2003 The Hand of the Lord
T0273 The Hand with Wounds Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 300077‑9!190077‑9Amos 7:7‑9 20030706,06/07/03,6/7/03,06/07/200306/07/2003 The Hand of the Lord
T0274 The Hand with a Sword Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 380131‑6!650131‑6Zechariah 13:1‑6 20030713,13/07/03,13/7/03,13/07/200313/07/2003 The Hand of the Lord
T0275 The Hand with a Cup Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 0600513‑15!4200513‑15Joshua 5:13‑15 20030720,20/07/03,20/7/03,20/07/200320/07/2003 The Hand of the Lord
T0276 Could the Lord Jesus have sinned? Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 19075008!59075008Psalm 75:8 20030727,27/07/03,27/7/03,27/07/200327/07/2003 Various Topics
T0277 Psalm 102 Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 47005021!100050212 Corinthians 5:21 20030803,03/08/03,3/8/03,03/08/200303/08/2003 A second look at the Psalms
T0278 Acts 15:1‑16:40 - From Jerusalem to Europe Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 191021‑28!591021‑28Psalm 102:1‑28 20030810,10/08/03,10/8/03,10/08/200310/08/2003 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0279 Acts 17:1‑18:22 - The Completion of the second missionary journey Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 440151‑16:40!180151‑16:40Acts 15:1‑16:40 20030817,17/08/03,17/8/03,17/08/200317/08/2003 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0280 Acts 18:23‑21:16 - The Third Missionary Journey Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 440171‑18:2!180171‑18:2Acts 17:1‑18:2 20030824,24/08/03,24/8/03,24/08/200324/08/2003 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0281 Acts 21:17‑23:35 - Paul at Jerusalem Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4401823‑21:16!1801823‑21:16Acts 18:23‑21:16 20030831,31/08/03,31/8/03,31/08/200331/08/2003 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0283 Acts 24:1‑26:32 - Paul at Caesarea Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 440241‑26:32!180241‑26:32Acts 24:1‑26:32 20030914,14/09/03,14/9/03,14/09/200314/09/2003 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0284 Acts 27:1‑28:31 - Paul at Rome Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 440271‑28:31!180271‑28:31Acts 27:1‑28:31 20030921,21/09/03,21/9/03,21/09/200321/09/2003 Studies in The Acts - The first page of Christian history
T0285 Romans 1:1‑1:17 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 450011‑17!610011‑17Romans 1:1‑17 20030928,28/09/03,28/9/03,28/09/200328/09/2003 A look at Romans
T0286 Romans 1:8‑3:20 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 4500118‑3:2!6100118‑3:2Romans 1:18‑3:2 20031005,05/10/03,5/10/03,05/10/200305/10/2003 A look at Romans
T0287 Romans 3:21‑5:11 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 4500321‑5:1!6100321‑5:1Romans 3:21‑5:1 20031012,12/10/03,12/10/03,12/10/200312/10/2003 A look at Romans
T0288 Romans 5:11‑6:23 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 4500512‑6:2!6100512‑6:2Romans 5:12‑6:2 20031019,19/10/03,19/10/03,19/10/200319/10/2003 A look at Romans
T0289 The Power of Faith Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 580111‑40!330111‑40Hebrews 11:1‑40 20031026,26/10/03,26/10/03,26/10/200326/10/2003 The Power for Christian Living
T0290 The Power of Hope Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 4500824‑25!6100824‑25Romans 8:24‑25 20031102,02/11/03,2/11/03,02/11/200302/11/2003 The Power for Christian Living
T0291 The Power of Love Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 460131‑13!020131‑131 Corinthians 13:1‑13 20031109,09/11/03,9/11/03,09/11/200309/11/2003 The Power for Christian Living
T0292 The Power of Prayer Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 4101046‑52!4901046‑52Mark 10:46‑52 20031116,16/11/03,16/11/03,16/11/200316/11/2003 The Power for Christian Living
T0293 The Sower and the Seed Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 420084‑15!470084‑15Luke 8:4‑15 20031123,23/11/03,23/11/03,23/11/200323/11/2003 The Parables of the Lord Jesus in Luke's Gospel
T0294 The Good Samaritan Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 4201025‑37!4701025‑37Luke 10:25‑37 20031130,30/11/03,30/11/03,30/11/200330/11/2003 The Parables of the Lord Jesus in Luke's Gospel
T0295 The Pharisee and the Publican Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 420189‑14!470189‑14Luke 18:9‑14 20031207,07/12/03,7/12/03,07/12/200307/12/2003 The Parables of the Lord Jesus in Luke's Gospel
T0296 The Pounds Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4201911‑27!4701911‑27Luke 19:11‑27 20031214,14/12/03,14/12/03,14/12/200314/12/2003 The Parables of the Lord Jesus in Luke's Gospel
T0297 Christmas Message (2003) Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 47008009!100080092 Corinthians 8:9 20031221,21/12/03,21/12/03,21/12/200321/12/2003 Christmas
T0298 Why believe in angels Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 58001014!33001014Hebrews 1:14 20031228,28/12/03,28/12/03,28/12/200328/12/2003 Various Topics
T0299 Sent to serve - Genesis 37:1‑36 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 010371‑36!300371‑36Genesis 37:1‑36 20040104,04/01/04,4/1/04,04/01/200404/01/2004 Lessons from Life of Joseph
T0300 Always faithful - Genesis 39:1‑23 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 010391‑23!300391‑23Genesis 39:1‑23 20040111,11/01/04,11/1/04,11/01/200411/01/2004 Lessons from Life of Joseph
T0301 God is for us - Genesis 40:1‑41:57 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 010401‑45:17!300401‑45:17Genesis 40:1‑45:17 20040118,18/01/04,18/1/04,18/01/200418/01/2004 Lessons from Life of Joseph
T0302 Forgiving one another - Genesis 42:1‑45:15 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 010421‑45:1!300421‑45:1Genesis 42:1‑45:1 20040125,25/01/04,25/1/04,25/01/200425/01/2004 Lessons from Life of Joseph
T0303 Together again - Genesis 45:16‑49:33 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 0104516‑49:33!3004516‑49:33Genesis 45:16‑49:33 20040201,01/02/04,1/2/04,01/02/200401/02/2004 Lessons from Life of Joseph
T0304 Last days - Genesis 50:1‑26 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 010501‑26!300501‑26Genesis 50:1‑26 20040208,08/02/04,8/2/04,08/02/200408/02/2004 Lessons from Life of Joseph
T0305 Loneliness Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 01002018!30002018Genesis 2:18 20040215,15/02/04,15/2/04,15/02/200415/02/2004 Conditions a Christian will Face
T0306 Trial Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 180011‑22!380011‑22Job 1:1‑22 20040229,29/02/04,29/2/04,29/02/200429/02/2004 Conditions a Christian will Face
T0307 Depression Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 190421‑11!590421‑11Psalm 42:1‑11 20040307,07/03/04,7/3/04,07/03/200407/03/2004 Conditions a Christian will Face
T0308 Growing Old Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 47004016!100040162 Corinthians 4:16 20040314,14/03/04,14/3/04,14/03/200414/03/2004 Conditions a Christian will Face
T0309 Romans 7:1‑25 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 450071‑25!610071‑25Romans 7:1‑25 20040321,21/03/04,21/3/04,21/03/200421/03/2004 A look at Romans
T0310 Romans 8:1‑39 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 450081‑39!610081‑39Romans 8:1‑39 20040328,28/03/04,28/3/04,28/03/200428/03/2004 A look at Romans
T0311 Romans 9:1‑11:36 Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 450091‑11:36!610091‑11:36Romans 9:1‑11:36 20040404,04/04/04,4/4/04,04/04/200404/04/2004 A look at Romans
T0312 Romans 12:1‑16:47 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 450121‑16:47!610121‑16:47Romans 12:1‑16:47 20040418,18/04/04,18/4/04,18/04/200418/04/2004 A look at Romans
T0313 Easter Message (2004) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 46005017!020050171 Corinthians 5:17 20040411,11/04/04,11/4/04,11/04/200411/04/2004 Easter
T0314 The Lord's Supper - sweetest privilege Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4202214‑20!4702214‑20Luke 22:14‑20 20040425,25/04/04,25/4/04,25/04/200425/04/2004 Jesus is Lord
T0315 The Lord's Coming - authority and power exhibited Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 230096‑7!350096‑7Isaiah 9:6‑7 20040502,02/05/04,2/5/04,02/05/200402/05/2004 Jesus is Lord
T0316 The Lord's Table Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 4601016‑21!0201016‑211 Corinthians 10:16‑21 20040509,09/05/04,9/5/04,09/05/200409/05/2004 Jesus is Lord
T0317 The Lord's Day Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 66001010!60001010Revelation 1:10 20040516,16/05/04,16/5/04,16/05/200416/05/2004 Jesus is Lord
T0318 Sarah - faithful in marriage Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 0101129‑31!3001129‑31Genesis 11:29‑31 20040523,23/05/04,23/5/04,23/05/200423/05/2004 Bible Women
T0319 Hannah - faithful in prayer Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 090019‑14!060019‑141 Samuel 1:9‑14 20040530,30/05/04,30/5/04,30/05/200430/05/2004 Bible Women
T0320 Esther - faithful in persecution Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 17001001!25001001Esther 1:1 20040606,06/06/04,6/6/04,06/06/200406/06/2004 Bible Women
T0321 Mary and Martha - faithful in service Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 4201038‑42!4701038‑42Luke 10:38‑42 20040613,13/06/04,13/6/04,13/06/200413/06/2004 Bible Women
T0322 James 1:1‑27 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 590011‑27!360011‑27James 1:1‑27 20040620,20/06/04,20/6/04,20/06/200420/06/2004 The Epistle of James
T0323 James 2:1‑26 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 590021‑26!360021‑26James 2:1‑26 20040627,27/06/04,27/6/04,27/06/200427/06/2004 The Epistle of James
T0324 James 3:1‑4:10 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 590031‑4:10!360031‑4:10James 3:1‑4:10 20040711,11/07/04,11/7/04,11/07/200411/07/2004 The Epistle of James
T0325 James 4:11‑5:20 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 590041‑5:20!360041‑5:20James 4:1‑5:20 20040718,18/07/04,18/7/04,18/07/200418/07/2004 The Epistle of James
T0326 Lessons from Ecclesiastes Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 21001001!23001001Ecclesiastes 1:1 20040801,01/08/04,1/8/04,01/08/200401/08/2004 Lessons from Ecclesiastes
T0327 Jonah Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 32001001!41001001Jonah 1:1 20040808,08/08/04,8/8/04,08/08/200408/08/2004 Lessons from the lives of Old Testament Characters
T0328 The God of Hope Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 49002012!24002012Ephesians 2:12 20040815,15/08/04,15/8/04,15/08/200415/08/2004 The God of all Grace
T0329 The God of Peace Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 45015033!61015033Romans 15:33 20040822,22/08/04,22/8/04,22/08/200422/08/2004 The God of all Grace
T0330 The God of Comfort Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 47001003!100010032 Corinthians 1:3 20040829,29/08/04,29/8/04,29/08/200429/08/2004 The God of all Grace
T0331 The God of all Grace Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 600051‑14!050051‑141 Peter 5:1‑14 20040905,05/09/04,5/9/04,05/09/200405/09/2004 The God of all Grace
T0332 Aristarchus and Mark Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 51004010!20004010Colossians 4:10 20040912,12/09/04,12/9/04,12/09/200412/09/2004 Paul's companions
T0333 Jesus Justus and Epaphras Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 5100411‑12!2000411‑12Colossians 4:11‑12 20040919,19/09/04,19/9/04,19/09/200419/09/2004 Paul's companions
T0334 Tychicus and Onesimus Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 510047‑9!200047‑9Colossians 4:7‑9 20040926,26/09/04,26/9/04,26/09/200426/09/2004 Paul's companions
T0335 Luke and Demas Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 51004014!20004014Colossians 4:14 20041003,03/10/04,3/10/04,03/10/200403/10/2004 Paul's companions
T0336 Samuel - His Parents Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 090011‑28!060011‑281 Samuel 1:1‑28 20041010,10/10/04,10/10/04,10/10/200410/10/2004 Lessons from the Life of Samuel
T0337 Samuel - Devoted to God Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 0900221,26!0600221,261 Samuel 2:21,26 20041017,17/10/04,17/10/04,17/10/200417/10/2004 Lessons from the Life of Samuel
T0338 Samuel - Priest, Mediator and Prophet Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 090071‑14!060071‑141 Samuel 7:1‑14 20041024,24/10/04,24/10/04,24/10/200424/10/2004 Lessons from the Life of Samuel
T0339 Samuel - Man of God Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 090121‑25!060121‑251 Samuel 12:1‑25 20041031,31/10/04,31/10/04,31/10/200431/10/2004 Lessons from the Life of Samuel
T0340 Philemon Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 570011‑25!560011‑25Philemon 1:1‑25 20041107,07/11/04,7/11/04,07/11/200407/11/2004 Four Epistles
T0341 Jude Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 650011‑25!430011‑25Jude 1:1‑25 20041114,14/11/04,14/11/04,14/11/200414/11/2004 Four Epistles
T0342 2 John Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 630011‑13!110011‑132 John 1:1‑13 20041121,21/11/04,21/11/04,21/11/200421/11/2004 Four Epistles
T0343 3 John Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 640011‑15!170011‑153 John 1:1‑15 20041128,28/11/04,28/11/04,28/11/200428/11/2004 Four Epistles
T0344 John 1:1‑51 - The Word, the Only Begotten and the Witness of John the Baptist Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 430011‑51!400011‑51John 1:1‑51 20041205,05/12/04,5/12/04,05/12/200405/12/2004 Studies in John's Gospel
T0345 John 2:1‑25 - The First sign and The cleansing of the Temple Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 430021‑25!400021‑25John 2:1‑25 20041212,12/12/04,12/12/04,12/12/200412/12/2004 Studies in John's Gospel
T0346 Christmas Message (2004) Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4200126‑38!4700126‑38Luke 1:26‑38 20041219,19/12/04,19/12/04,19/12/200419/12/2004 Christmas
T0347 John 3:1‑36 - The Necessity of New Birth and the Certainty of Eternal Life Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 430031‑36!400031‑36John 3:1‑36 20041226,26/12/04,26/12/04,26/12/200426/12/2004 Studies in John's Gospel
T0348 John 4:1‑54 - True Worship and the Second Sign Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 430041‑54!400041‑54John 4:1‑54 20050109,09/01/05,9/1/05,09/01/200509/01/2005 Studies in John's Gospel
T0349 Hebrews 1:3 - His Person - Set Himself Down Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 58001003!33001003Hebrews 1:3 20050116,16/01/05,16/1/05,16/01/200516/01/2005 Christ seated - a look at Hebrews
T0350 Hebrews 8:1 - High Priest - Sitting Down Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 58008001!33008001Hebrews 8:1 20050123,23/01/05,23/1/05,23/01/200523/01/2005 Christ seated - a look at Hebrews
T0351 Hebrews 10:1 - The One Offering - Sitting Down Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 58010012!33010012Hebrews 10:12 20050130,30/01/05,30/1/05,30/01/200530/01/2005 Christ seated - a look at Hebrews
T0352 Hebrews 12:1‑3 - The Completer of Faith - Sitting Down Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 580121‑3!330121‑3Hebrews 12:1‑3 20050206,06/02/05,6/2/05,06/02/200506/02/2005 Christ seated - a look at Hebrews
T0353 The Person of the Holy Spirit Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 01001002!30001002Genesis 1:2 20050213,13/02/05,13/2/05,13/02/200513/02/2005 0
T0354 Before the Foundation of the World Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 49001004!24001004Ephesians 1:4 20050220,20/02/05,20/2/05,20/02/200520/02/2005 Various Topics
T0355 My Sheep - John 10:11, 27‑29 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4301011,27!4001011,27John 10:11,27 20050227,27/02/05,27/2/05,27/02/200527/02/2005 Belonging to Jesus
T0356 My Disciples - John 8:31; 13:35. Bell,George!George BellGeorge Bell 43008031!40008031John 8:31 20050306,06/03/05,6/3/05,06/03/200506/03/2005 Belonging to Jesus
T0357 My Friends - John 15:14‑15; 14:1‑3 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4301514,15!4001514,15John 15:14,15 20050313,13/03/05,13/3/05,13/03/200513/03/2005 Belonging to Jesus
T0358 My Brethren - John 20:17 Brett,Jeffrey!Jeffrey BrettJeffrey Brett 43020017!40020017John 20:17 20050320,20/03/05,20/3/05,20/03/200520/03/2005 Belonging to Jesus
T0359 On the cross - John 19:31; 1 Peter 2:24 Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 43019031!40019031John 19:31 20050327,27/03/05,27/3/05,27/03/200527/03/2005 Places where Jesus was found
T0360 On the colt of an ass - John 12:15 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 43012015!40012015John 12:15 20050403,03/04/05,3/4/05,03/04/200503/04/2005 Places where Jesus was found
T0361 The Pinnacle of the Temple - Matthew 4:5 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 40004005!50004005Matthew 4:5 20050410,10/04/05,10/4/05,10/04/200510/04/2005 Places where Jesus was found
T0362 On the well - John 4:6 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 43004006!40004006John 4:6 20050417,17/04/05,17/4/05,17/04/200517/04/2005 Places where Jesus was found
T0363 1 Corinthians 1:-2:16 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 460011‑2:16!020011‑2:161 Corinthians 1:1‑2:16 20050424,24/04/05,24/4/05,24/04/200524/04/2005 1 Corinthians - The Church and the world
T0364 1 Corinthians 3:1‑4:21 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 460031‑4:21!020031‑4:211 Corinthians 3:1‑4:21 20050501,01/05/05,1/5/05,01/05/200501/05/2005 1 Corinthians - The Church and the world
T0365 1 Corinthians 5:1‑6:20 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 460051:6‑20!020051:6‑201 Corinthians 5:1:6‑20 20050508,08/05/05,8/5/05,08/05/200508/05/2005 1 Corinthians - The Church and the World
T0366 1 Corinthians 7:1‑8:13 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 460071‑8:13!020071‑8:131 Corinthians 7:1‑8:13 20050515,15/05/05,15/5/05,15/05/200515/05/2005 1 Corinthians - The Church and the world
T0367 1 Corinthians 9:1‑10:33 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 460091‑10:33!020091‑10:331 Corinthians 9:1‑10:33 20050522,22/05/05,22/5/05,22/05/200522/05/2005 1 Corinthians - The Church and the world
T0368 The Inspiration of the Scriptures Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 40024035!50024035Matthew 24:35 20050529,29/05/05,29/5/05,29/05/200529/05/2005 Various Topics
T0369 Lot - Genesis 13:10‑12 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 0101310‑12!3001310‑12Genesis 13:10‑12 20050605,05/06/05,5/6/05,05/06/200505/06/2005 Memorable choices
T0370 Moses - Hebrews 11:23‑28 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 5801123‑28!3301123‑28Hebrews 11:23‑28 20050612,12/06/05,12/6/05,12/06/200512/06/2005 Memorable choices
T0371 Joshua - Joshua 24:15 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 06024015!42024015Joshua 24:15 20050619,19/06/05,19/6/05,19/06/200519/06/2005 Memorable choices
T0372 Mary - Luke 10:38‑42 Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 4201038‑42!4701038‑42Luke 10:38‑42 20050626,26/06/05,26/6/05,26/06/200526/06/2005 Memorable choices
T0373 Peter - The Believer Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4300141‑42!4000141‑42John 1:41‑42 20050703,03/07/05,3/7/05,03/07/200503/07/2005 Peter - the growth of a soul
T0374 Peter - The Disciple Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4202230‑31!4702230‑31Luke 22:30‑31 20050710,10/07/05,10/7/05,10/07/200510/07/2005 Peter - the growth of a soul
T0375 Peter - The Evangelist Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 440014,10!180014,10Acts 1:4,10 20050717,17/07/05,17/7/05,17/07/200517/07/2005 Peter - the growth of a soul
T0376 Peter - The Pastor Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 60005007!050050071 Peter 5:7 20050724,24/07/05,24/7/05,24/07/200524/07/2005 Peter - the growth of a soul
T0377 Christ as seen in the Tabernacle Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 020251‑40!260251‑40Exodus 25:1‑40 20050731,31/07/05,31/7/05,31/07/200531/07/2005 Christ in all the Scriptures
T0378 Christ as seen in the Offerings Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 030011‑17!460011‑17Leviticus 1:1‑17 20050807,07/08/05,7/8/05,07/08/200507/08/2005 Christ in all the Scriptures
T0379 Christ as seen in the Psalms Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 190021‑12!590021‑12Psalm 2:1‑12 20050814,14/08/05,14/8/05,14/08/200514/08/2005 Christ in all the Scriptures
T0380 Christ as seen in the Prophets Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 6000110‑11!0500110‑111 Peter 1:10‑11 20050821,21/08/05,21/8/05,21/08/200521/08/2005 Christ in all the Scriptures
T0381 John 5:1‑47 - The Healing at the Pool of Bethesda Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 430051‑47!400051‑47John 5:1‑47 20050828,28/08/05,28/8/05,28/08/200528/08/2005 Studies in John's Gospel
T0382 John 6:1‑71 - The Feeding of the 5,000 and the Discourse on the Bread of Life Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 430061‑71!400061‑71John 6:1‑71 20050904,04/09/05,4/9/05,04/09/200504/09/2005 Studies in John's Gospel
T0383 John 7:1‑53 - Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 430071‑53!400071‑53John 7:1‑53 20050911,11/09/05,11/9/05,11/09/200511/09/2005 Studies in John's Gospel
T0384 John 8:1‑59 - Jesus, the Light of the world Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 430081‑59!400081‑59John 8:1‑59 20050918,18/09/05,18/9/05,18/09/200518/09/2005 Studies in John's Gospel
T0385 How to Study the Bible Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 55002015!160020152 Timothy 2:15 20050925,25/09/05,25/9/05,25/09/200525/09/2005 How to ...
T0386 How to Pray Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 420111‑4!470111‑4Luke 11:1‑4 20051002,02/10/05,2/10/05,02/10/200502/10/2005 How to ...
T0387 How to Worship Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 430047‑24!400047‑24John 4:7‑24 20051009,09/10/05,9/10/05,09/10/200509/10/2005 How to ...
T0388 How to Witness Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 44002032!18002032Acts 2:32 20051016,16/10/05,16/10/05,16/10/200516/10/2005 How to ...
T0389 Prayer for Spiritual Enlightenment Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4900115‑23!2400115‑23Ephesians 1:15‑23 20051023,23/10/05,23/10/05,23/10/200523/10/2005 Paul's prison prayers
T0390 Prayer for Spiritual Growth Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 4900314‑21!2400314‑21Ephesians 3:14‑21 20051030,30/10/05,30/10/05,30/10/200530/10/2005 Paul's prison prayers
T0391 Prayer for Discerning Love Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 500019‑11!570019‑11Philippians 1:9‑11 20051106,06/11/05,6/11/05,06/11/200506/11/2005 Paul's prison prayers
T0392 Prayer for the Knowledge of God's Will Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 510019‑13!200019‑13Colossians 1:9‑13 20051113,13/11/05,13/11/05,13/11/200513/11/2005 Paul's prison prayers
T0393 Lord (Exodus 3:14) and Lord (Genesis 15:2 and 8) Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 02003014!26003014Exodus 3:14 20051120,20/11/05,20/11/05,20/11/200520/11/2005 The Names of God in the Old Testament
T0394 El Shaddai (Genesis 17:1) and El Elyon (Genesis 14:19) Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 01017001!30017001Genesis 17:1 20051127,27/11/05,27/11/05,27/11/200527/11/2005 The Names of God in the Old Testament
T0395 El Olam (Genesis 21:33) and Jehovah-Jireh (Genesis 22:14) Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 01021033!30021033Genesis 21:33 20051204,04/12/05,4/12/05,04/12/200504/12/2005 The Names of God in the Old Testament
T0396 El Roi (Genesis 16:13) and Jehovah-Sabaoth (1 Samuel 1:3, 17:45‑53) Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 01016013!30016013Genesis 16:13 20051211,11/12/05,11/12/05,11/12/200511/12/2005 The Names of God in the Old Testament
T0397 Can a born-again Christian be lost? Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 6200319‑21!0300319‑211 John 3:19‑21 20051218,18/12/05,18/12/05,18/12/200518/12/2005 Various Topics
T0398 Christmas Message (2005) Goodwin,Arthur!Arthur GoodwinArthur Goodwin 23007014!35007014Isaiah 7:14 20051225,25/12/05,25/12/05,25/12/200525/12/2005 Christmas
T0399 What does the Bible say about Satan? Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 01012009!30012009Genesis 12:9 20060101,01/01/06,1/1/06,01/01/200601/01/2006 Various Topics
T0400 Will the Church go through the Tribulation? Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 44017031!18017031Acts 17:31 20060108,08/01/06,8/1/06,08/01/200608/01/2006 Various Topics
T0401 Titus 1:1‑2:10 Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 560011‑2:10!640011‑2:10Titus 1:1‑2:10 20060115,15/01/06,15/1/06,15/01/200615/01/2006 Titus and 2 Thessalonians - The Christian Life in Difficult Times
T0402 Titus 2:11‑3:15 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 5600211‑3:15!6400211‑3:15Titus 2:11‑3:15 20060122,22/01/06,22/1/06,22/01/200622/01/2006 Titus and 2 Thessalonians - The Christian Life in Difficult Times
T0403 2 Thessalonians 1:1‑2:12 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 530011‑2:12!150011‑2:122 Thessalonians 1:1‑2:12 20060129,29/01/06,29/1/06,29/01/200629/01/2006 Titus and 2 Thessalonians - The Christian Life in Difficult Times
T0404 2 Thessalonians 2:13‑3:18 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 5300213‑3:18!1500213‑3:182 Thessalonians 2:13‑3:18 20060205,05/02/06,5/2/06,05/02/200605/02/2006 Titus and 2 Thessalonians - The Christian Life in Difficult Times
T0405 1 Corinthians 11:1‑34 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 460111‑34!020111‑341 Corinthians 11:1‑34 20060212,12/02/06,12/2/06,12/02/200612/02/2006 1 Corinthians - The Church - The Body of Christ and Its hope
T0406 1 Corinthians 12:1‑31 Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 460121‑31!020121‑311 Corinthians 12:1‑31 20060219,19/02/06,19/2/06,19/02/200619/02/2006 1 Corinthians - The Church - The Body of Christ and Its hope
T0407 1 Corinthians 13:1‑13 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 460131‑13!020131‑131 Corinthians 13:1‑13 20060226,26/02/06,26/2/06,26/02/200626/02/2006 1 Corinthians - The Church - The Body of Christ and Its hope
T0408 1 Corinthians 14:1‑40 Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 460141‑40!020141‑401 Corinthians 14:1‑40 20060305,05/03/06,5/3/06,05/03/200605/03/2006 1 Corinthians - The Church - The Body of Christ and Its hope
T0409 1 Corinthians 15:1‑58 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 460151‑58!020151‑581 Corinthians 15:1‑58 20060312,12/03/06,12/3/06,12/03/200612/03/2006 1 Corinthians - The Church - The Body of Christ and Its hope
T0410 1 Corinthians 16:1‑24 Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 460161‑24!020161‑241 Corinthians 16:1‑24 20060319,19/03/06,19/3/06,19/03/200619/03/2006 1 Corinthians - The Church - The Body of Christ and Its hope
T0411 Obadiah - Warning about ignoring God as Esau did Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 31001001!55001001Obadiah 1:1 20060326,26/03/06,26/3/06,26/03/200626/03/2006 Studies in the Minor Prophets
T0412 The Little Maid - He brings comfort Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4100521‑43!4900521‑43Mark 5:21‑43 20060402,02/04/06,2/4/06,02/04/200602/04/2006 Jesus - The Resurrection and the Life
T0413 Lazarus - He shows power Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 430111‑44!400111‑44John 11:1‑44 20060409,09/04/06,9/4/06,09/04/200609/04/2006 Jesus - The Resurrection and the Life
T0414 Jesus - He is Risen! - The dynamic change Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 46015004!020150041 Corinthians 15:4 20060416,16/04/06,16/4/06,16/04/200616/04/2006 Jesus - The Resurrection and the Life
T0415 The Believer's Hope - He brings assurance Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 45008017!61008017Romans 8:17 20060423,23/04/06,23/4/06,23/04/200623/04/2006 Jesus - The Resurrection and the Life
T0416 Abel Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 58011004!33011004Hebrews 11:4 20060430,30/04/06,30/4/06,30/04/200630/04/2006 Gallery of Faith: Hebrews 11
T0417 Enoch and Noah Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 580115‑7!330115‑7Hebrews 11:5‑7 20060507,07/05/06,7/5/06,07/05/200607/05/2006 Gallery of Faith: Hebrews 11
T0418 Abraham and Sarah Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 580118‑12!330118‑12Hebrews 11:8‑12 20060514,14/05/06,14/5/06,14/05/200614/05/2006 Gallery of Faith: Hebrews 11
T0419 Isaac and Jacob Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 5801117‑22!3301117‑22Hebrews 11:17‑22 20060521,21/05/06,21/5/06,21/05/200621/05/2006 Gallery of Faith: Hebrews 11
T0420 Gideon Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 58011032!33011032Hebrews 11:32 20060528,28/05/06,28/5/06,28/05/200628/05/2006 Gallery of Faith: Hebrews 11
T0421 Psalm 22 - Love Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 190221‑31!590221‑31Psalm 22:1‑31 20060604,04/06/06,4/6/06,04/06/200604/06/2006 Love, Faith and Hope in the Psalms
T0422 Psalm 23 - Faith Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 190231‑6!590231‑6Psalm 23:1‑6 20060611,11/06/06,11/6/06,11/06/200611/06/2006 Love, Faith and Hope in the Psalms
T0423 Psalm 24 - Hope Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 190241‑10!590241‑10Psalm 24:1‑10 20060618,18/06/06,18/6/06,18/06/200618/06/2006 Love, Faith and Hope in the Psalms
T0424 Matthew 13:1‑43 Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 400131‑43!500131‑43Matthew 13:1‑43 20060625,25/06/06,25/6/06,25/06/200625/06/2006 Clusters of Parables
T0425 Matthew 13:44‑58 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 4001344‑58!5001344‑58Matthew 13:44‑58 20060702,02/07/06,2/7/06,02/07/200602/07/2006 Clusters of Parables
T0426 Matthew 25 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 400251‑46!500251‑46Matthew 25:1‑46 20060709,09/07/06,9/7/06,09/07/200609/07/2006 Clusters of Parables
T0427 Luke 15 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 420151‑32!470151‑32Luke 15:1‑32 20060716,16/07/06,16/7/06,16/07/200616/07/2006 Clusters of Parables
T0428 Witnessing by the Way we Dress Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 01003007!30003007Genesis 3:7 20060723,23/07/06,23/7/06,23/07/200623/07/2006 Practical Christian Witness
T0429 Witnessing with our Money Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 420161‑13!470161‑13Luke 16:1‑13 20060730,30/07/06,30/7/06,30/07/200630/07/2006 Practical Christian Witness
T0430 Witnessing by our Actions Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 41005019!49005019Mark 5:19 20060806,06/08/06,6/8/06,06/08/200606/08/2006 Practical Christian Witness
T0431 Witnessing by our Relationships Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 490051‑6:4!240051‑6:4Ephesians 5:1‑6:4 20060813,13/08/06,13/8/06,13/08/200613/08/2006 Practical Christian Witness
T0432 The boy with the loaves and fishes Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 430061‑14!400061‑14John 6:1‑14 20060820,20/08/06,20/8/06,20/08/200620/08/2006 What can I do?
T0433 The cruse of oil and the flour Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 110178‑16!040178‑161 Kings 17:8‑16 20060827,27/08/06,27/8/06,27/08/200627/08/2006 What can I do?
T0434 The widow's two mites Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4101238‑44!4901238‑44Mark 12:38‑44 20060903,03/09/06,3/9/06,03/09/200603/09/2006 What can I do?
T0435 The Christian and Abortion Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 02020013!26020013Exodus 20:13 20060910,10/09/06,10/9/06,10/09/200610/09/2006 Various Topics
T0436 John 9:1‑41 - The blind man made to see Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 430091‑541!400091‑541John 9:1‑541 20060917,17/09/06,17/9/06,17/09/200617/09/2006 Studies in John's Gospel
T0437 John 10:1‑42 - The Good Shepherd Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 430101‑42!400101‑42John 10:1‑42 20060924,24/09/06,24/9/06,24/09/200624/09/2006 Studies in John's Gospel
T0438 John 11:1‑57 - I AM the Resurrection and the Life Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 430111‑57!400111‑57John 11:1‑57 20061001,01/10/06,1/10/06,01/10/200601/10/2006 Studies in John's Gospel
T0439 John 12:1‑50 - The Passover Week Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 430121‑50!400121‑50John 12:1‑50 20061008,08/10/06,8/10/06,08/10/200608/10/2006 Studies in John's Gospel
T0440 Hold fast the form of sound words Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 55001013!160010132 Timothy 1:13 20061015,15/10/06,15/10/06,15/10/200615/10/2006 Passing on the Torch
T0441 Be strong in the grace Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 55002001!160020012 Timothy 2:1 20061022,22/10/06,22/10/06,22/10/200622/10/2006 Passing on the Torch
T0442 Preach the Word Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 55004002!160040022 Timothy 4:2 20061105,05/11/06,5/11/06,05/11/200605/11/2006 Passing on the Torch
T0443 Study to show thyself approved unto God Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 55002015!160020152 Timothy 2:15 20061029,29/10/06,29/10/06,29/10/200629/10/2006 Passing on the Torch
T0444 The Christian Walk Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 62002006!030020061 John 2:6 20061112,12/11/06,12/11/06,12/11/200612/11/2006 The Christian Life
T0445 The Christian Warfare Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4900610‑20!2400610‑20Ephesians 6:10‑20 20061119,19/11/06,19/11/06,19/11/200619/11/2006 The Christian Life
T0446 2 Peter 1:1‑21 - The Believer's Blessings Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 610011‑21!130011‑212 Peter 1:1‑21 20061126,26/11/06,26/11/06,26/11/200626/11/2006 Lessons from 2 Peter
T0447 2 Peter 2:1‑22 - The Increasing Apostasy Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 610021‑22!130021‑222 Peter 2:1‑22 20061203,03/12/06,3/12/06,03/12/200603/12/2006 Lessons from 2 Peter
T0448 2 Peter 3:1‑18 - Looking to the Future Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 610031‑18!130031‑182 Peter 3:1‑18 20061210,10/12/06,10/12/06,10/12/200610/12/2006 Lessons from 2 Peter
T0449 Christ in the Old Testament Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 1000712‑13!1400712‑132 Samuel 7:12‑13 20061217,17/12/06,17/12/06,17/12/200617/12/2006 Old Testament appearances of Jesus
T0450 Christmas Message (2006) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4200126‑37!4700126‑37Luke 1:26‑37 20061224,24/12/06,24/12/06,24/12/200624/12/2006 Christmas
T0451 Number 7 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 27008013!21008013Daniel 8:13 20061231,31/12/06,31/12/06,31/12/200631/12/2006 Important Numbers in Scripture
T0452 Number 8 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 1101717‑25!0401717‑251 Kings 17:17‑25 20070107,07/01/07,7/1/07,07/01/200707/01/2007 Important Numbers in Scripture
T0453 Number 10 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 010011‑31!300011‑31Genesis 1:1‑31 20070114,14/01/07,14/1/07,14/01/200714/01/2007 Important Numbers in Scripture
T0454 Number 40 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 0100712‑24!3000712‑24Genesis 7:12‑24 20070121,21/01/07,21/1/07,21/01/200721/01/2007 Important Numbers in Scripture
T0455 Acts 20:24 - The Gospel of the Grace of God Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 44020024!18020024Acts 20:24 20070128,28/01/07,28/1/07,28/01/200728/01/2007 Paul's Farewell Address
T0456 Acts 20:25 - The Kingdom of God Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 44020025!18020025Acts 20:25 20070204,04/02/07,4/2/07,04/02/200704/02/2007 Paul's Farewell Address
T0457 Acts 20:27 - The Whole Counsel of God Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 44020027!18020027Acts 20:27 20070211,11/02/07,11/2/07,11/02/200711/02/2007 Paul's Farewell Address
T0458 Acts 20:28 - The Church of God Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 44020028!18020028Acts 20:28 20070218,18/02/07,18/2/07,18/02/200718/02/2007 Paul's Farewell Address
T0459 Condemnation - Genesis 3; Romans 3:23 and 8:1 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 010031‑24!300031‑24Genesis 3:1‑24 20070225,25/02/07,25/2/07,25/02/200725/02/2007 Key Bible Teachings
T0460 Justification - Faith - Romans 5; Works - James 2 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 450051‑11!610051‑11Romans 5:1‑11 20070304,04/03/07,4/3/07,04/03/200704/03/2007 Key Bible Teachings
T0461 Sanctification - Positional 1 Corinthians 1:2; Practical 1 Thessalonians 4:3 Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 46001002!020010021 Corinthians 1:2 20070311,11/03/07,11/3/07,11/03/200711/03/2007 Key Bible Teachings
T0462 Glorification and Salvation - Romans 8:17, 30: 2 Thessalonians 1:10 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4500817,30!6100817,30Romans 8:17,30 20070325,25/03/07,25/3/07,25/03/200725/03/2007 Key Bible Teachings
T0463 Jesus as King Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 40002002!50002002Matthew 2:2 20070401,01/04/07,1/4/07,01/04/200701/04/2007 Jesus as King, Lord and Head
T0464 Jesus as Lord Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 450147‑9!610147‑9Romans 14:7‑9 20070408,08/04/07,8/4/07,08/04/200708/04/2007 Jesus as King, Lord and Head
T0465 Jesus as Head Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4500512‑21!6100512‑21Romans 5:12‑21 20070415,15/04/07,15/4/07,15/04/200715/04/2007 Jesus as King, Lord and Head
T0466 Sickness and Healing Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 40010001!50010001Matthew 10:1 20070422,22/04/07,22/4/07,22/04/200722/04/2007 Various Topics
T0467 2 Corinthians 1:1‑3:18 - The cost of ministry Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 470011‑3:18!100011‑3:182 Corinthians 1:1‑3:18 20070429,29/04/07,29/4/07,29/04/200729/04/2007 Studies in 2 Corinthians - Christian ministry and the minister
T0468 2 Corinthians 4:1‑5:21 - The motive for ministry Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 470041‑5:21!100041‑5:212 Corinthians 4:1‑5:21 20070506,06/05/07,6/5/07,06/05/200706/05/2007 Studies in 2 Corinthians - Christian ministry and the minister
T0469 2 Corinthians 6:1‑7:18 - The consequences of ministry Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 470061‑7:18!100061‑7:182 Corinthians 6:1‑7:18 20070513,13/05/07,13/5/07,13/05/200713/05/2007 Studies in 2 Corinthians - Christian ministry and the minister
T0470 2 Corinthians 8:1‑9:24 - Ministry in Giving Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 470081‑9:24!100081‑9:242 Corinthians 8:1‑9:24 20070520,20/05/07,20/5/07,20/05/200720/05/2007 Studies in 2 Corinthians - Christian ministry and the minister
T0471 2 Corinthians 10:1‑11:33 - The marks of a minister - in the Lord Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 470101‑11:33!100101‑11:332 Corinthians 10:1‑11:33 20070527,27/05/07,27/5/07,27/05/200727/05/2007 Studies in 2 Corinthians - Christian ministry and the minister
T0472 2 Corinthians 12:1‑13:14 - The power for a minister Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 470121‑13:14!100121‑13:142 Corinthians 12:1‑13:14 20070603,03/06/07,3/6/07,03/06/200703/06/2007 Studies in 2 Corinthians - Christian ministry and the minister
T0473 Eating to Live Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 430061‑71!400061‑71John 6:1‑71 20070610,10/06/07,10/6/07,10/06/200710/06/2007 Are you eating healthily?
T0474 Food for Thought Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 50004008!57004008Philippians 4:8 20070617,17/06/07,17/6/07,17/06/200717/06/2007 Are you eating healthily?
T0475 A healthy Appetite Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 5800511‑14!3300511‑14Hebrews 5:11‑14 20070624,24/06/07,24/6/07,24/06/200724/06/2007 Are you eating healthily?
T0476 Feeding the Flock of God Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4302115‑17!4002115‑17John 21:15‑17 20070701,01/07/07,1/7/07,01/07/200701/07/2007 Are you eating healthily?
T0477 The Table - The servant's need for food and clothing Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 120049‑10!120049‑102 Kings 4:9‑10 20070708,08/07/07,8/7/07,08/07/200708/07/2007 The Servant's Chamber
T0478 The Bed - The servant's need for rest Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 120049‑10!120049‑102 Kings 4:9‑10 20070715,15/07/07,15/7/07,15/07/200715/07/2007 The Servant's Chamber
T0479 The Candlestick - The servant's need for light and guidance Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 120049‑10!120049‑102 Kings 4:9‑10 20070722,22/07/07,22/7/07,22/07/200722/07/2007 The Servant's Chamber
T0480 The Stool (A Praying Stool) - The servant's need for communion Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 120049‑10!120049‑102 Kings 4:9‑10 20070729,29/07/07,29/7/07,29/07/200729/07/2007 The Servant's Chamber
T0481 Citizens of Heaven - Pilgrims on Earth Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 430176,!400176,John 17:6, 20070805,05/08/07,5/8/07,05/08/200705/08/2007 In the world - not of it!
T0482 To be with Christ which is far better Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 5000121‑25!5700121‑25Philippians 1:21‑25 20070812,12/08/07,12/8/07,12/08/200712/08/2007 In the world - not of it!
T0483 Balancing Priorities Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 0501012‑13,19!2201012‑13,19Deuteronomy 10:12‑13,19 20070819,19/08/07,19/8/07,19/08/200719/08/2007 In the world - not of it!
T0484 Restraining Freedom Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 120051‑27!120051‑272 Kings 5:1‑27 20070826,26/08/07,26/8/07,26/08/200726/08/2007 In the world - not of it!
T0485 How to know the Will of God Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 2304610‑11!3504610‑11Isaiah 46:10‑11 20070902,02/09/07,2/9/07,02/09/200702/09/2007 How to ...
T0486 How to Discover my own Gift Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 490047‑8!240047‑8Ephesians 4:7‑8 20070909,09/09/07,9/9/07,09/09/200709/09/2007 How to ...
T0487 Goliath Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 090171‑58!060171‑581 Samuel 17:1‑58 20070916,16/09/07,16/9/07,16/09/200716/09/2007 Men who met David
T0488 Jonathan Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 090131‑23!060131‑231 Samuel 13:1‑23 20070923,23/09/07,23/9/07,23/09/200723/09/2007 Men who met David
T0489 Mephibosheth Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 100091‑13!140091‑132 Samuel 9:1‑13 20070930,30/09/07,30/9/07,30/09/200730/09/2007 Men who met David
T0490 Ittai Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 1001519‑23!1401519‑232 Samuel 15:19‑23 20071007,07/10/07,7/10/07,07/10/200707/10/2007 Men who met David
T0491 Mark 1:1‑45 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 410011‑45!490011‑45Mark 1:1‑45 20071014,14/10/07,14/10/07,14/10/200714/10/2007 The Gospel of Mark
T0492 Mark 2:1‑28 Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 410021‑28!490021‑28Mark 2:1‑28 20071021,21/10/07,21/10/07,21/10/200721/10/2007 The Gospel of Mark
T0493 Mark 3:1‑35 Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 410031‑35!490031‑35Mark 3:1‑35 20071028,28/10/07,28/10/07,28/10/200728/10/2007 The Gospel of Mark
T0494 Mark 4:1‑41 Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 410041‑41!490041‑41Mark 4:1‑41 20071104,04/11/07,4/11/07,04/11/200704/11/2007 The Gospel of Mark
T0495 The Mount Sinai Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 020062‑3!260062‑3Exodus 6:2‑3 20071111,11/11/07,11/11/07,11/11/200711/11/2007 Lessons from the Mountains of Israel
T0496 The Mount Zion Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 100054‑9!140054‑92 Samuel 5:4‑9 20071118,18/11/07,18/11/07,18/11/200718/11/2007 Lessons from the Mountains of Israel
T0497 The Mount of Transfiguration Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 4001628‑17:11!5001628‑17:11Matthew 16:28‑17:11 20071125,25/11/07,25/11/07,25/11/200725/11/2007 Lessons from the Mountains of Israel
T0498 The Mount of Olives Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 1001530‑32!1401530‑322 Samuel 15:30‑32 20071202,02/12/07,2/12/07,02/12/200702/12/2007 Lessons from the Mountains of Israel
T0499 Be Prepared for Marriage Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 0100218‑25!3000218‑25Genesis 2:18‑25 20071209,09/12/07,9/12/07,09/12/200709/12/2007 Be prepared…
T0500 Be prepared for Children Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 191273‑5!591273‑5Psalm 127:3‑5 20071216,16/12/07,16/12/07,16/12/200716/12/2007 Be prepared…
T0501 Christmas Message (2007) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 23007014!35007014Isaiah 7:14 20071223,23/12/07,23/12/07,23/12/200723/12/2007 Christmas
T0502 Be Prepared for Middle Age Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 140109‑11!090109‑112 Chronicles 10:9‑11 20071230,30/12/07,30/12/07,30/12/200730/12/2007 Be prepared…
T0503 Be prepared for Retirement Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 440181‑3!180181‑3Acts 18:1‑3 20080106,06/01/08,6/1/08,06/01/200806/01/2008 Be prepared…
T0504 With Gratitude and Concern for Saints Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 530011‑12!150011‑122 Thessalonians 1:1‑12 20080113,13/01/08,13/1/08,13/01/200813/01/2008 How to pray as Paul prayed
T0505 With Deep Desire for Saints Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 520039‑13!070039‑131 Thessalonians 3:9‑13 20080120,20/01/08,20/1/08,20/01/200820/01/2008 How to pray as Paul prayed
T0506 For Success in Service to the Saints Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 4501523‑33!6101523‑33Romans 15:23‑33 20080127,27/01/08,27/1/08,27/01/200827/01/2008 How to pray as Paul prayed
T0507 For the Full Blessing of Saints Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 47013014!100130142 Corinthians 13:14 20080203,03/02/08,3/2/08,03/02/200803/02/2008 How to pray as Paul prayed
T0508 Nehemiah - Working for God Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 16002018!53002018Nehemiah 2:18 20080210,10/02/08,10/2/08,10/02/200810/02/2008 Lessons from Bible Characters
T0509 Elijah - Witnessing to God Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 110171‑24!040171‑241 Kings 17:1‑24 20080217,17/02/08,17/2/08,17/02/200817/02/2008 Lessons from Bible Characters
T0510 Mary of Bethany - Worshipping God Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4201038‑42!4701038‑42Luke 10:38‑42 20080224,24/02/08,24/2/08,24/02/200824/02/2008 Lessons from Bible Characters
T0511 Enoch - Walking with God Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 0100518‑24!3000518‑24Genesis 5:18‑24 20080302,02/03/08,2/3/08,02/03/200802/03/2008 Lessons from Bible Characters
T0512 John 18:1‑40 Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 430181‑40!400181‑40John 18:1‑40 20080309,09/03/08,9/3/08,09/03/200809/03/2008 Easter Studies in John's Gospel
T0513 John 19:1‑42 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 430191‑42!400191‑42John 19:1‑42 20080316,16/03/08,16/3/08,16/03/200816/03/2008 Easter Studies in John's Gospel
T0514 John 20:1‑31 - An Easter Message Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 430201‑31!400201‑31John 20:1‑31 20080323,23/03/08,23/3/08,23/03/200823/03/2008 Easter Studies in John's Gospel
T0515 John 21:1‑25 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 430211‑25!400211‑25John 21:1‑25 20080330,30/03/08,30/3/08,30/03/200830/03/2008 Easter Studies in John's Gospel
T0516 What happens to the lost? Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 26033011!27033011Ezekiel 33:11 20080406,06/04/08,6/4/08,06/04/200806/04/2008 Various Topics
T0517 Spiritual Warfare Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 62004004!030040041 John 4:4 20080413,13/04/08,13/4/08,13/04/200813/04/2008 Various Topics
T0518 Daniel 1:1‑21 - Faithfulness to God Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 270011‑21!210011‑21Daniel 1:1‑21 20080420,20/04/08,20/4/08,20/04/200820/04/2008 21st Century challenges from Daniel
T0519 Daniel 2:1‑49 - God's plan of the ages Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 270021‑49!210021‑49Daniel 2:1‑49 20080427,27/04/08,27/4/08,27/04/200827/04/2008 21st Century challenges from Daniel
T0520 Daniel 3:1‑30 - Putting God first Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 270031‑30!210031‑30Daniel 3:1‑30 20080504,04/05/08,4/5/08,04/05/200804/05/2008 21st Century challenges from Daniel
T0521 Daniel 4:1‑37 - Lowliness or self-assertiveness Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 270041‑37!210041‑37Daniel 4:1‑37 20080511,11/05/08,11/5/08,11/05/200811/05/2008 21st Century challenges from Daniel
T0522 Daniel 5:1‑31 - Godliness in an ungodly age Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 270051‑31!210051‑31Daniel 5:1‑31 20080518,18/05/08,18/5/08,18/05/200818/05/2008 21st Century challenges from Daniel
T0523 Daniel 6:1‑28 - Trusting in God Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 270061‑28!210061‑28Daniel 6:1‑28 20080525,25/05/08,25/5/08,25/05/200825/05/2008 21st Century challenges from Daniel
T0524 Learning Humility Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 46002016!020020161 Corinthians 2:16 20080601,01/06/08,1/6/08,01/06/200801/06/2008 Learning to be Like Christ
T0525 Learning Longsuffering Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4001118‑20!5001118‑20Matthew 11:18‑20 20080608,08/06/08,8/6/08,08/06/200808/06/2008 Learning to be Like Christ
T0526 Learning Self-control Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 4800522‑23!2900522‑23Galatians 5:22‑23 20080615,15/06/08,15/6/08,15/06/200815/06/2008 Learning to be Like Christ
T0527 Learning Forgiveness Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 5800922,28!3300922,28Hebrews 9:22,28 20080622,22/06/08,22/6/08,22/06/200822/06/2008 Learning to be Like Christ
T0528 The time God gives us Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 210031‑8!230031‑8Ecclesiastes 3:1‑8 20080629,29/06/08,29/6/08,29/06/200829/06/2008 Valuing what God has given us
T0529 The talents God gives us Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4201911‑27!4701911‑27Luke 19:11‑27 20080706,06/07/08,6/7/08,06/07/200806/07/2008 Valuing what God has given us
T0530 The friends God gives us Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 090141‑23!060141‑231 Samuel 14:1‑23 20080713,13/07/08,13/7/08,13/07/200813/07/2008 Valuing what God has given us
T0531 The experiences God gives us Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 24029011!37029011Jeremiah 29:11 20080720,20/07/08,20/7/08,20/07/200820/07/2008 Valuing what God has given us
T0532 Acts Chapter 2 - Pentecost Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 440021‑41!180021‑41Acts 2:1‑41 20080727,27/07/08,27/7/08,27/07/200827/07/2008 Key Events in the Book of Acts
T0533 Acts Chapter 9 - The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 440091‑22!180091‑22Acts 9:1‑22 20080803,03/08/08,3/8/08,03/08/200803/08/2008 Key Events in the Book of Acts
T0534 Acts Chapter 10 - The Gospel preached to the Gentiles Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 440101‑48!180101‑48Acts 10:1‑48 20080810,10/08/08,10/8/08,10/08/200810/08/2008 Key Events in the Book of Acts
T0535 Acts Chapter 16 - Conversions in Europe Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 440161‑40!180161‑40Acts 16:1‑40 20080817,17/08/08,17/8/08,17/08/200817/08/2008 Key Events in the Book of Acts
T0536 Doing in Faith Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 35002004!31002004Habakkuk 2:4 20080824,24/08/08,24/8/08,24/08/200824/08/2008 What should I do?
T0537 Doing in Obedience Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 090151‑35!060151‑351 Samuel 15:1‑35 20080831,31/08/08,31/8/08,31/08/200831/08/2008 What should I do?
T0538 Doing in Dependence Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 59004015!36004015James 4:15 20080907,07/09/08,7/9/08,07/09/200807/09/2008 What should I do?
T0539 The Principal Worker Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 60002021!050020211 Peter 2:21 20080914,14/09/08,14/9/08,14/09/200814/09/2008 What should I do?
T0540 Follow Me Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 400099‑13!500099‑13Matthew 9:9‑13 20080921,21/09/08,21/9/08,21/09/200821/09/2008 Various Topics
T0541 God or Idolatry Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 4500121‑23!6100121‑23Romans 1:21‑23 20080928,28/09/08,28/9/08,28/09/200828/09/2008 Various Topics
T0542 The Appearance to Hagar Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 010161‑13!300161‑13Genesis 16:1‑13 20081005,05/10/08,5/10/08,05/10/200805/10/2008 Old Testament appearances of Jesus
T0543 The Appearance to Abram (Abraham) Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 010181‑33!300181‑33Genesis 18:1‑33 20081012,12/10/08,12/10/08,12/10/200812/10/2008 Old Testament appearances of Jesus
T0544 The Appearance to Joshua Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 060051‑15!420051‑15Joshua 5:1‑15 20081026,26/10/08,26/10/08,26/10/200826/10/2008 Old Testament appearances of Jesus
T0545 The Appearance to Manoah Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 070132‑24!440132‑24Judges 13:2‑24 20081102,02/11/08,2/11/08,02/11/200802/11/2008 Old Testament appearances of Jesus
T0546 Does God love Everybody? Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 43003016!40003016John 3:16 20081109,09/11/08,9/11/08,09/11/200809/11/2008 Various Topics
T0548 Christianity and Consumerism Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 0301935‑36!4601935‑36Leviticus 19:35‑36 20081123,23/11/08,23/11/08,23/11/200823/11/2008 The Relevance of God in 2008
T0549 Christianity and the Environment Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 0100127‑28!3000127‑28Genesis 1:27‑28 20081130,30/11/08,30/11/08,30/11/200830/11/2008 The Relevance of God in 2008
T0550 Christianity and Depression Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 580135‑8!330135‑8Hebrews 13:5‑8 20081207,07/12/08,7/12/08,07/12/200807/12/2008 The Relevance of God in 2008
T0551 Christianity and Bullying Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 19056008!59056008Psalm 56:8 20081214,14/12/08,14/12/08,14/12/200814/12/2008 The Relevance of God in 2008
T0552 Christmas Message (2008) Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 4200225‑38!4700225‑38Luke 2:25‑38 20081221,21/12/08,21/12/08,21/12/200821/12/2008 Christmas
T0553 Mark 5:1‑43 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 410051‑43!490051‑43Mark 5:1‑43 20081228,28/12/08,28/12/08,28/12/200828/12/2008 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0554 Mark 6:1‑56 Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 410061‑56!490061‑56Mark 6:1‑56 20090104,04/01/09,4/1/09,04/01/200904/01/2009 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0555 Mark 7:1‑37 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 410071‑37!490071‑37Mark 7:1‑37 20090111,11/01/09,11/1/09,11/01/200911/01/2009 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0556 Mark 8:1‑38 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 410081‑38!490081‑38Mark 8:1‑38 20090118,18/01/09,18/1/09,18/01/200918/01/2009 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0557 The Truth of the Cross Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4202425‑27!4702425‑27Luke 24:25‑27 20090125,25/01/09,25/1/09,25/01/200925/01/2009 Truth leaves its mark
T0558 The Truth of the Resurrection Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 4500610‑11!6100610‑11Romans 6:10‑11 20090201,01/02/09,1/2/09,01/02/200901/02/2009 Truth leaves its mark
T0559 The Truth of our Heavenly Calling Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 50003020!57003020Philippians 3:20 20090208,08/02/09,8/2/09,08/02/200908/02/2009 Truth leaves its mark
T0560 The Truth of the Lord's Coming Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 190943‑7,14‑15!590943‑7,14‑15Psalm 94:3‑7,14‑15 20090215,15/02/09,15/2/09,15/02/200915/02/2009 Truth leaves its mark
T0561 Jonah 1:1‑17 - Running away from God Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 320011‑43!410011‑43Jonah 1:1‑43 20090222,22/02/09,22/2/09,22/02/200922/02/2009 Lessons from the life of Jonah
T0562 Jonah 2:1‑10 - Can there be forgiveness? Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 320021‑56!410021‑56Jonah 2:1‑56 20090301,01/03/09,1/3/09,01/03/200901/03/2009 Lessons from the life of Jonah
T0563 Jonah 3:1‑10 - The Power of God's Word Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 320031‑37!410031‑37Jonah 3:1‑37 20090308,08/03/09,8/3/09,08/03/200908/03/2009 Lessons from the life of Jonah
T0564 Jonah 4:1‑11 - God cares Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 320041‑38!410041‑38Jonah 4:1‑38 20090315,15/03/09,15/3/09,15/03/200915/03/2009 Lessons from the life of Jonah
T0565 How to know you are saved Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 43005024!40005024John 5:24 20090322,22/03/09,22/3/09,22/03/200922/03/2009 Various Topics
T0566 How to Recognise God's Voice 1 Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 620013‑9!030013‑91 John 1:3‑9 20090329,29/03/09,29/3/09,29/03/200929/03/2009 How to…
T0567 The Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 030231‑8!460231‑8Leviticus 23:1‑8 20090405,05/04/09,5/4/09,05/04/200905/04/2009 The Seven Feasts of the Lord
T0568 The Feast of Firstfruits and the Feast of the New Meal Offering Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 030239‑22!460239‑22Leviticus 23:9‑22 20090412,12/04/09,12/4/09,12/04/200912/04/2009 The Seven Feasts of the Lord
T0569 The Feast of Trumpets and the Feast of the Day of Atonement Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 0302323‑32!4602323‑32Leviticus 23:23‑32 20090419,19/04/09,19/4/09,19/04/200919/04/2009 The Seven Feasts of the Lord
T0570 The Feast of Trumpets and the Feast of the Day of Atonement Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 0302333‑44!4602333‑44Leviticus 23:33‑44 20090426,26/04/09,26/4/09,26/04/200926/04/2009 The Seven Feasts of the Lord
T0571 The Fragrance of Christ Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4700214‑16!1000214‑162 Corinthians 2:14‑16 20090503,03/05/09,3/5/09,03/05/200903/05/2009 The Features of Christianity
T0572 The Epistles of Christ Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 470032‑3!100032‑32 Corinthians 3:2‑3 20090510,10/05/09,10/5/09,10/05/200910/05/2009 The Features of Christianity
T0573 The Love of Christ Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 47005014!100050142 Corinthians 5:14 20090517,17/05/09,17/5/09,17/05/200917/05/2009 The Features of Christianity
T0574 The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 47008009!100080092 Corinthians 8:9 20090524,24/05/09,24/5/09,24/05/200924/05/2009 The Features of Christianity
T0575 Are some things absolutely True? Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 65001003!43001003Jude 1:3 20090531,31/05/09,31/5/09,31/05/200931/05/2009 Absolutely Certain
T0576 Why is sin so bad? Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 0100217‑3:24!3000217‑3:24Genesis 2:17‑3:24 20090607,07/06/09,7/6/09,07/06/200907/06/2009 Absolutely Certain
T0577 Why is Punishment Eternal? Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4201619‑31!4701619‑31Luke 16:19‑31 20090614,14/06/09,14/6/09,14/06/200914/06/2009 Absolutely Certain
T0578 Why is there only one way to be saved? Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 43014006!40014006John 14:6 20090621,21/06/09,21/6/09,21/06/200921/06/2009 Absolutely Certain
T0579 The Truth about Predestination Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 4500829‑30!6100829‑30Romans 8:29‑30 20090628,28/06/09,28/6/09,28/06/200928/06/2009 Various topics
T0580 The Truth about Man's Freewill Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 0100216‑17!3000216‑17Genesis 2:16‑17 20090705,05/07/09,5/7/09,05/07/200905/07/2009 Various topics
T0581 Mark 9:1‑50 - A Glorious Saviour Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 410091‑50!490091‑50Mark 9:1‑50 20090712,12/07/09,12/7/09,12/07/200912/07/2009 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0582 Mark 10:1‑52 - God's standards and priorities for Life Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 410101‑52!490101‑52Mark 10:1‑52 20090719,19/07/09,19/7/09,19/07/200919/07/2009 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0583 Mark 11:1‑33 - The Rejected King Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 410111‑33!490111‑33Mark 11:1‑33 20090726,26/07/09,26/7/09,26/07/200926/07/2009 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0584 Mark 12:1‑44 - Soul Searching Challenges Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 410121‑54!490121‑54Mark 12:1‑54 20090802,02/08/09,2/8/09,02/08/200902/08/2009 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0585 Joseph at Home Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 010371‑36!300371‑36Genesis 37:1‑36 20090809,09/08/09,9/8/09,09/08/200909/08/2009 Lessons in the Life of Joseph
T0586 Joseph in Potiphar's House Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 010391‑19!300391‑19Genesis 39:1‑19 20090816,16/08/09,16/8/09,16/08/200916/08/2009 Lessons in the Life of Joseph
T0587 Joseph in Prison Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 0103920‑40:23!3003920‑40:23Genesis 39:20‑40:23 20090823,23/08/09,23/8/09,23/08/200923/08/2009 Lessons in the Life of Joseph
T0588 Joseph in Pharaoh's Palace Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 0104125‑57!3004125‑57Genesis 41:25‑57 20090830,30/08/09,30/8/09,30/08/200930/08/2009 Lessons in the Life of Joseph
T0589 Creation and Evolution Hodgett,Arthur!Arthur HodgettArthur Hodgett 010011‑2:25!300011‑2:25Genesis 1:1‑2:25 20090906,06/09/09,6/9/09,06/09/200906/09/2009 Creation
T0590 The Fall and the Flood Hodgett,Arthur!Arthur HodgettArthur Hodgett 010031‑7!300031‑7Genesis 3:1‑7 20090913,13/09/09,13/9/09,13/09/200913/09/2009 Creation
T0591 The Problem with Purity - in an Impure World Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 40005008!50005008Matthew 5:8 20090920,20/09/09,20/9/09,20/09/200920/09/2009 It is not easy being a Christian
T0592 The Problem with Pain - in a Wounded World Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 660211‑7!600211‑7Revelation 21:1‑7 20090927,27/09/09,27/9/09,27/09/200927/09/2009 It is not easy being a Christian
T0593 The Problem with Patience - in a Stressful World Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4201038‑41!4701038‑41Luke 10:38‑41 20091004,04/10/09,4/10/09,04/10/200904/10/2009 It is not easy being a Christian
T0594 The Problem with Prayer - in a Self-sufficient World Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4201810‑14!4701810‑14Luke 18:10‑14 20091011,11/10/09,11/10/09,11/10/200911/10/2009 It is not easy being a Christian
T0595 Ruth 1:1‑22 - Choosing to Follow God Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 080011‑22!620011‑22Ruth 1:1‑22 20091018,18/10/09,18/10/09,18/10/200918/10/2009 Choices (from the Book of Ruth)
T0596 Ruth 2:1‑23 - Choosing to serve God Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 080021‑23!620021‑23Ruth 2:1‑23 20091025,25/10/09,25/10/09,25/10/200925/10/2009 Choices (from the Book of Ruth)
T0597 Ruth 3:1‑18 - Choosing a Spouse Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 080031‑18!620031‑18Ruth 3:1‑18 20091101,01/11/09,1/11/09,01/11/200901/11/2009 Choices (from the Book of Ruth)
T0598 Ruth 4:1‑22 - Choosing to do things the right way Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 080041‑22!620041‑22Ruth 4:1‑22 20091108,08/11/09,8/11/09,08/11/200908/11/2009 Choices (from the Book of Ruth)
T0599 The Christian Experience Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4301132‑36!4001132‑36John 11:32‑36 20091115,15/11/09,15/11/09,15/11/200915/11/2009 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
T0600 Pictures of the Lord Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 440047‑19!180047‑19Acts 4:7‑19 20091122,22/11/09,22/11/09,22/11/200922/11/2009 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
T0601 More Pictures of the Lord Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 19023001!59023001Psalm 23:1 20091129,29/11/09,29/11/09,29/11/200929/11/2009 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
T0602 The End of Life's Journey Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 4002231‑33!5002231‑33Matthew 22:31‑33 20091206,06/12/09,6/12/09,06/12/200906/12/2009 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
T0603 How to Recognise God's Voice 2 Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 62001003!030010031 John 1:3 20091213,13/12/09,13/12/09,13/12/200913/12/2009 How to…
T0604 Christmas and the Glory of God (2009) Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 49001014!24001014Ephesians 1:14 20091220,20/12/09,20/12/09,20/12/200920/12/2009 Christmas
T0605 Elijah - The prophet of God Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 110171‑7!040171‑71 Kings 17:1‑7 20091227,27/12/09,27/12/09,27/12/200927/12/2009 Lessons from the Life of Elijah
T0606 Elijah - The Man of God Mears,Ian!Ian MearsIan Mears 110178‑24!040178‑241 Kings 17:8‑24 20100103,03/01/10,3/1/10,03/01/201003/01/2010 Lessons from the Life of Elijah
T0607 Elijah - The Champion of God Baxter,Glenn!Glenn BaxterGlenn Baxter 110181‑46!040181‑461 Kings 18:1‑46 20100110,10/01/10,10/1/10,10/01/201010/01/2010 Lessons from the Life of Elijah
T0608 Elijah - Cast upon God Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 110191‑21!040191‑211 Kings 19:1‑21 20100117,17/01/10,17/1/10,17/01/201017/01/2010 Lessons from the Life of Elijah
T0609 Sitting Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 490024‑8!240024‑8Ephesians 2:4‑8 20100124,24/01/10,24/1/10,24/01/201024/01/2010 Sit, Stand, Walk and Run
T0610 Standing Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4900610‑20!2400610‑20Ephesians 6:10‑20 20100131,31/01/10,31/1/10,31/01/201031/01/2010 Sit, Stand, Walk and Run
T0611 Walking Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 490041‑5:21!240041‑5:21Ephesians 4:1‑5:21 20100207,07/02/10,7/2/10,07/02/201007/02/2010 Sit, Stand, Walk and Run
T0612 Running Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 580121‑2!330121‑2Hebrews 12:1‑2 20100214,14/02/10,14/2/10,14/02/201014/02/2010 Sit, Stand, Walk and Run
T0613 Daniel 7:1‑28 - The Times of the Gentiles Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 270071‑28!210071‑28Daniel 7:1‑28 20100221,21/02/10,21/2/10,21/02/201021/02/2010 The Relevance of Daniel's Prophecies for the 21st Century
T0614 Daniel 8:1‑27 - The Ram and the Male Goat Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 270081‑27!210081‑27Daniel 8:1‑27 20100228,28/02/10,28/2/10,28/02/201028/02/2010 The Relevance of Daniel's Prophecies for the 21st Century
T0615 Daniel 9:1‑27 - Daniel's prayer, Daniel's confession and the 70 weeks Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 270091‑27!210091‑27Daniel 9:1‑27 20100307,07/03/10,7/3/10,07/03/201007/03/2010 The Relevance of Daniel's Prophecies for the 21st Century
T0616 Daniel 10:1‑21 - Spiritual Battles and Prophecy Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 270101‑21!210101‑21Daniel 10:1‑21 20100314,14/03/10,14/3/10,14/03/201014/03/2010 The Relevance of Daniel's Prophecies for the 21st Century
T0617 Daniel 11:1‑45 - The King of the South and the King of the North Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 270111‑45!210111‑45Daniel 11:1‑45 20100321,21/03/10,21/3/10,21/03/201021/03/2010 The Relevance of Daniel's Prophecies for the 21st Century
T0618 Daniel 12:1‑13 - The Great Tribulation Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 270121‑13!210121‑13Daniel 12:1‑13 20100328,28/03/10,28/3/10,28/03/201028/03/2010 The Relevance of Daniel's Prophecies for the 21st Century
T0619 Easter Message (2010) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 40028006!50028006Matthew 28:6 20100404,04/04/10,4/4/10,04/04/201004/04/2010 Easter
T0620 The Person and work of the Holy Spirit Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 43016007!40016007John 16:7 20100411,11/04/10,11/4/10,11/04/201011/04/2010 The Holy Spirit
T0621 They went both of them Together Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 010221‑14!300221‑14Genesis 22:1‑14 20100418,18/04/10,18/4/10,18/04/201018/04/2010 The new is in the old concealed
T0622 When I see the Blood… Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 58009022!33009022Hebrews 9:22 20100425,25/04/10,25/4/10,25/04/201025/04/2010 The new is in the old concealed
T0623 Moses made a serpent of Brass… Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 040214‑9!540214‑9Numbers 21:4‑9 20100502,02/05/10,2/5/10,02/05/201002/05/2010 The new is in the old concealed
T0624 So Mephibosheth… Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 100091‑13!140091‑132 Samuel 9:1‑13 20100509,09/05/10,9/5/10,09/05/201009/05/2010 The new is in the old concealed
T0625 Mark 13:1‑37 - Beware of deceivers Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 410131‑37!490131‑37Mark 13:1‑37 20100516,16/05/10,16/5/10,16/05/201016/05/2010 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0626 Mark 14:1‑72 - The last night of freedom! Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 410141‑72!490141‑72Mark 14:1‑72 20100523,23/05/10,23/5/10,23/05/201023/05/2010 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0627 Mark 15:1‑47 - A miscarriage of justice Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 410151‑47!490151‑47Mark 15:1‑47 20100530,30/05/10,30/5/10,30/05/201030/05/2010 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0628 Mark 16:1‑20 - He is Risen - Go and Preach Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 410161‑20!490161‑20Mark 16:1‑20 20100606,06/06/10,6/6/10,06/06/201006/06/2010 God's Servant in Mark's Gospel
T0629 Imitating the God who Loves Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 620049‑10, 19!030049‑10, 191 John 4:9‑10, 19 20100613,13/06/10,13/6/10,13/06/201013/06/2010 Imitating a Personal God
T0630 Imitating the God who Hates Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 390012‑3!480012‑3Malachi 1:2‑3 20100620,20/06/10,20/6/10,20/06/201020/06/2010 Imitating a Personal God
T0631 Imitating the God who Mourns Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 010065‑6!300065‑6Genesis 6:5‑6 20100627,27/06/10,27/6/10,27/06/201027/06/2010 Imitating a Personal God
T0632 Imitating the God who Rejoices Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 420151‑32!470151‑32Luke 15:1‑32 20100704,04/07/10,4/7/10,04/07/201004/07/2010 Imitating a Personal God
T0633 Who is the True God? Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 05006004!22006004Deuteronomy 6:4 20100711,11/07/10,11/7/10,11/07/201011/07/2010 Various Topics
T0634 Mary the mother of Jesus Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 4200126‑38!4700126‑38Luke 1:26‑38 20100718,18/07/10,18/7/10,18/07/201018/07/2010 Various Topics
T0635 A Place of Rejection - Luke 2:7 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 42002007!47002007Luke 2:7 20100725,25/07/10,25/7/10,25/07/201025/07/2010 A place to stay
T0636 A Place of Compassion - Luke 10:34 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 42010034!47010034Luke 10:34 20100801,01/08/10,1/8/10,01/08/201001/08/2010 A place to stay
T0637 A Place for Christ - Luke 22:11 Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 42022011!47022011Luke 22:11 20100808,08/08/10,8/8/10,08/08/201008/08/2010 A place to stay
T0638 A Place for Persuasion - Acts 28:23 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 44028023!18028023Acts 28:23 20100815,15/08/10,15/8/10,15/08/201015/08/2010 A place to stay
T0639 A Place for Prayer - Acts 1:13‑14 Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 4400113‑14!1800113‑14Acts 1:13‑14 20100822,22/08/10,22/8/10,22/08/201022/08/2010 A place to stay
T0640 A Place for Hospitality - 2 Kings 4:10 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 12004010!120040102 Kings 4:10 20100829,29/08/10,29/8/10,29/08/201029/08/2010 A place to stay
T0641 Why Christianity should make me a better parent/child Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 490061‑2!240061‑2Ephesians 6:1‑2 20100905,05/09/10,5/9/10,05/09/201005/09/2010 Why Christianity
T0642 Why Christianity should make me a better spouse Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 440181‑3!180181‑3Acts 18:1‑3 20100912,12/09/10,12/9/10,12/09/201012/09/2010 Why Christianity
T0643 Why Christianity should make me a better employee/employer Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 010391‑6!300391‑6Genesis 39:1‑6 20100919,19/09/10,19/9/10,19/09/201019/09/2010 Why Christianity
T0644 Why Christianity should make me a better person Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 44011026!18011026Acts 11:26 20100926,26/09/10,26/9/10,26/09/201026/09/2010 Why Christianity
T0645 Elisha - The Servant Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 110191‑21!040191‑211 Kings 19:1‑21 20101003,03/10/10,3/10/10,03/10/201003/10/2010 Lessons from the life of Elisha
T0646 Elisha - The Blesser Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 1200219‑22!1200219‑222 Kings 2:19‑22 20101010,10/10/10,10/10/10,10/10/201010/10/2010 Lessons from the life of Elisha
T0647 Elisha - The Helper Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 120061‑23!120061‑232 Kings 6:1‑23 20101017,17/10/10,17/10/10,17/10/201017/10/2010 Lessons from the life of Elisha
T0648 Elisha - The Prophet Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 120062433!1200624332 Kings 6:2433 20101024,24/10/10,24/10/10,24/10/201024/10/2010 Lessons from the life of Elisha
T0649 Philippians 1:1‑30 - The Life of Christ Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 500011‑30!570011‑30Philippians 1:1‑30 20101031,31/10/10,31/10/10,31/10/201031/10/2010 A look at Philippians
T0650 Philippians 2:1‑30 - The Mind of Christ Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 500021‑30!570021‑30Philippians 2:1‑30 20101107,07/11/10,7/11/10,07/11/201007/11/2010 A look at Philippians
T0651 Philippians 3:1‑21 - The Knowledge of Christ Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 500031‑21!570031‑21Philippians 3:1‑21 20101114,14/11/10,14/11/10,14/11/201014/11/2010 A look at Philippians
T0652 Philippians 4:1‑23 - The Strength of Christ Pettman,Douglas!Douglas PettmanDouglas Pettman 500041‑23!570041‑23Philippians 4:1‑23 20101121,21/11/10,21/11/10,21/11/201021/11/2010 A look at Philippians
T0653 "How great Thou art" Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 190083‑4!590083‑4Psalm 8:3‑4 20101128,28/11/10,28/11/10,28/11/201028/11/2010 A Biblical look at some popular hymns
T0654 In Christ alone Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 600024‑7!050024‑71 Peter 2:4‑7 20101205,05/12/10,5/12/10,05/12/201005/12/2010 A Biblical look at some popular hymns
T0655 Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 60002011!050020111 Peter 2:11 20101212,12/12/10,12/12/10,12/12/201012/12/2010 A Biblical look at some popular hymns
T0656 Hark the Herald Angels Sing Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 4200210‑14!4700210‑14Luke 2:10‑14 20101219,19/12/10,19/12/10,19/12/201019/12/2010 A Biblical look at some popular hymns
T0657 Gifts versus the Fruit of the Spirit Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 450123‑8!610123‑8Romans 12:3‑8 20101226,26/12/10,26/12/10,26/12/201026/12/2010 The Holy Spirit
T0658 What is faith? Bruins,Cor!Cor BruinsCor Bruins 580111‑40!330111‑40Hebrews 11:1‑40 20110102,02/01/11,2/1/11,02/01/201102/01/2011 Various Topics
T0659 Wonderful Counsellor Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 23009006!35009006Isaiah 9:6 20110109,09/01/11,9/1/11,09/01/201109/01/2011 Who Jesus is
T0660 Mighty God and Immanuel Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 23009006!35009006Isaiah 9:6 20110116,16/01/11,16/1/11,16/01/201116/01/2011 Who Jesus is
T0661 Everlasting Father and 'the Son given' Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 23009006!35009006Isaiah 9:6 20110123,23/01/11,23/1/11,23/01/201123/01/2011 Who Jesus is
T0662 Prince of Peace Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 23009006!35009006Isaiah 9:6 20110130,30/01/11,30/1/11,30/01/201130/01/2011 Who Jesus is
T0663 Introduction - Acts and overview of the Gospel reaching Ephesus Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 440166‑40!180166‑40Acts 16:6‑40 20110206,06/02/11,6/2/11,06/02/201106/02/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0664 Ephesians 1:1‑14 - Chosen in Him Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 490011‑14!240011‑14Ephesians 1:1‑14 20110213,13/02/11,13/2/11,13/02/201113/02/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0665 Ephesians 1:15‑23 - Learning of Him Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4900115‑23!2400115‑23Ephesians 1:15‑23 20110220,20/02/11,20/2/11,20/02/201120/02/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0666 Ephesians 2:1‑10 - Seated with Him Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 490021‑10!240021‑10Ephesians 2:1‑10 20110227,27/02/11,27/2/11,27/02/201127/02/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0667 Ephesians 2:11‑22 - Brought near to Him Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 4900211‑22!2400211‑22Ephesians 2:11‑22 20110306,06/03/11,6/3/11,06/03/201106/03/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0668 Ephesians 3:1‑13 - Made one through Him Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 490031‑13!240031‑13Ephesians 3:1‑13 20110320,20/03/11,20/3/11,20/03/201120/03/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0669 The Lamb of God Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 43001029!40001029John 1:29 20110327,27/03/11,27/3/11,27/03/201127/03/2011 The old is in the new revealed
T0670 The House of God Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 0102812‑19!3002812‑19Genesis 28:12‑19 20110403,03/04/11,3/4/11,03/04/201103/04/2011 The old is in the new revealed
T0671 The Shepherd Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 090161‑17:15!060161‑17:151 Samuel 16:1‑17:15 20110410,10/04/11,10/4/11,10/04/201110/04/2011 The old is in the new revealed
T0672 Why did Jesus come into the world? Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 430146‑11!400146‑11John 14:6‑11 20110417,17/04/11,17/4/11,17/04/201117/04/2011 What difference does it make?
T0673 Why did Jesus have to die such a death? Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 01002017!30002017Genesis 2:17 20110424,24/04/11,24/4/11,24/04/201124/04/2011 What difference does it make?
T0674 Why is Jesus in heaven now? Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 21004012!23004012Ecclesiastes 4:12 20110501,01/05/11,1/5/11,01/05/201101/05/2011 What difference does it make?
T0675 Why will Jesus come again? Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 190169‑11!590169‑11Psalm 16:9‑11 20110508,08/05/11,8/5/11,08/05/201108/05/2011 What difference does it make?
T0676 The Stone of Israel Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 0104922‑26!3004922‑26Genesis 49:22‑26 20110515,15/05/11,15/5/11,15/05/201115/05/2011 The old is in the new revealed
T0677 The Person of the Holy Spirit Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 010011‑2!300011‑2Genesis 1:1‑2 20110522,22/05/11,22/5/11,22/05/201122/05/2011 The Person and the Role of the Holy Spirit
T0678 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 4301425‑26!4001425‑26John 14:25‑26 20110529,29/05/11,29/5/11,29/05/201129/05/2011 The Person and the Role of the Holy Spirit
T0679 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 460127‑20!020127‑201 Corinthians 12:7‑20 20110605,05/06/11,5/6/11,05/06/201105/06/2011 The Person and the Role of the Holy Spirit
T0680 The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 45008009!61008009Romans 8:9 20110612,12/06/11,12/6/11,12/06/201112/06/2011 The Person and the Role of the Holy Spirit
T0681 Ephesians 3:14‑21 - Giving glory to Him Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4900314‑21!2400314‑21Ephesians 3:14‑21 20110619,19/06/11,19/6/11,19/06/201119/06/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0682 Ephesians 4:1‑16 - Growing up into Him Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 490041‑16!240041‑16Ephesians 4:1‑16 20110626,26/06/11,26/6/11,26/06/201126/06/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0683 Ephesians 4:17‑5:2 - Walking after Him Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 4900417‑5:2!2400417‑5:2Ephesians 4:17‑5:2 20110703,03/07/11,3/7/11,03/07/201103/07/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0684 Ephesians 5:3‑6:9 - Shining as from Him Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 490053‑6:10!240053‑6:10Ephesians 5:3‑6:10 20110710,10/07/11,10/7/11,10/07/201110/07/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0685 Ephesians 6:10‑24 - Standing for Him Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4900611‑24!2400611‑24Ephesians 6:11‑24 20110717,17/07/11,17/7/11,17/07/201117/07/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0686 Revelation 2:1‑7 - Letter to Ephesus Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 660021‑7!600021‑7Revelation 2:1‑7 20110724,24/07/11,24/7/11,24/07/201124/07/2011 Ephesians - it's all about Christ
T0687 Staying positive in a negative world Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 0500121‑32!2200121‑32Deuteronomy 1:21‑32 20110731,31/07/11,31/7/11,31/07/201131/07/2011 Facing the challenge of the world today
T0688 Preparing for Trouble Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 43015018!40015018John 15:18 20110807,07/08/11,7/8/11,07/08/201107/08/2011 Facing the challenge of the world today
T0689 How to clean up our lives Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 191191‑11!591191‑11Psalm 119:1‑11 20110814,14/08/11,14/8/11,14/08/201114/08/2011 Facing the challenge of the world today
T0690 God at work in our lives Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 50001006!57001006Philippians 1:6 20110821,21/08/11,21/8/11,21/08/201121/08/2011 Facing the challenge of the world today
T0691 How the Bible came into being Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 55003016!160030162 Timothy 3:16 20110828,28/08/11,28/8/11,28/08/201128/08/2011 The Bible Speaks Today
T0692 What the Bible says about Salvation Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 120051‑19!120051‑192 Kings 5:1‑19 20110904,04/09/11,4/9/11,04/09/201104/09/2011 The Bible Speaks Today
T0693 What the Bible says about the Church Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 60002005!050020051 Peter 2:5 20110911,11/09/11,11/9/11,11/09/201111/09/2011 The Bible Speaks Today
T0694 What the Bible says about the Future Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 62003008!030030081 John 3:8 20110918,18/09/11,18/9/11,18/09/201118/09/2011 The Bible Speaks Today
T0695 A faithful life Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 09022014!060220141 Samuel 22:14 20110925,25/09/11,25/9/11,25/09/201125/09/2011 How can God use me in the world today
T0696 A fulfilled life Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 430159‑17!400159‑17John 15:9‑17 20111002,02/10/11,2/10/11,02/10/201102/10/2011 How can God use me in the world today
T0697 A fruitful life Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 430151‑17!400151‑17John 15:1‑17 20111009,09/10/11,9/10/11,09/10/201109/10/2011 How can God use me in the world today
T0698 The authentic Gospel, the Gospel of Christ - Galatians 1:1‑24 Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 480011‑24!290011‑24Galatians 1:1‑24 20111016,16/10/11,16/10/11,16/10/201116/10/2011 A Study of Galatians
T0699 Preserving the Truth of the Gospel - Galatians 2:1‑21 Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 480021‑21!290021‑21Galatians 2:1‑21 20111023,23/10/11,23/10/11,23/10/201123/10/2011 A Study of Galatians
T0700 The Blessings of the Gospel - Galatians 3:1‑29 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 480031‑29!290031‑29Galatians 3:1‑29 20111030,30/10/11,30/10/11,30/10/201130/10/2011 A Study of Galatians
T0701 Sons must live as sons! - Galatians 4:1‑31 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 480041‑31!290041‑31Galatians 4:1‑31 20111106,06/11/11,6/11/11,06/11/201106/11/2011 A Study of Galatians
T0702 Practical Christianity - Galatians 5:1‑26 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 480051‑26!290051‑26Galatians 5:1‑26 20111113,13/11/11,13/11/11,13/11/201113/11/2011 A Study of Galatians
T0703 Living by Faith - Galatians 6:1‑18 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 480061‑18!290061‑18Galatians 6:1‑18 20111120,20/11/11,20/11/11,20/11/201120/11/2011 A Study of Galatians
T0704 Human Freedom versus God's Sovereignty Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4400425‑28!1800425‑28Acts 4:25‑28 20111127,27/11/11,27/11/11,27/11/201127/11/2011 Freedoms and Liberties
T0705 Free from sin and free to serve Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 450061‑14!610061‑14Romans 6:1‑14 20111204,04/12/11,4/12/11,04/12/201104/12/2011 Freedoms and Liberties
T0706 Defenders of Liberty Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 0100215‑3:24!3000215‑3:24Genesis 2:15‑3:24 20111211,11/12/11,11/12/11,11/12/201111/12/2011 Freedoms and Liberties
T0707 What if your freedom hurts me Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 0202124‑25!2602124‑25Exodus 21:24‑25 20111218,18/12/11,18/12/11,18/12/201118/12/2011 Freedoms and Liberties
T0708 Christmas Message (2011) Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4200126‑38!4700126‑38Luke 1:26‑38 20111225,25/12/11,25/12/11,25/12/201125/12/2011 Christmas
T0709 Joseph, the husband of Mary Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4000117‑2:16!5000117‑2:16Matthew 1:17‑2:16 20120101,01/01/12,1/1/12,01/01/201201/01/2012 Forgotten Lives of the New Testament
T0710 John the Baptist Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 42001017!47001017Luke 1:17 20120108,08/01/12,8/1/12,08/01/201208/01/2012 Forgotten Lives of the New Testament
T0711 James, the martyr Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4100116‑20!4900116‑20Mark 1:16‑20 20120115,15/01/12,15/1/12,15/01/201215/01/2012 Forgotten Lives of the New Testament
T0712 Luke, the friend Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 51004014!20004014Colossians 4:14 20120122,22/01/12,22/1/12,22/01/201222/01/2012 Forgotten Lives of the New Testament
T0713 The Word of God Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 190191‑14!590191‑14Psalm 19:1‑14 20120129,29/01/12,29/1/12,29/01/201229/01/2012 The Believer's Resources
T0714 The Spirit of God Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 4301415‑18!4001415‑18John 14:15‑18 20120205,05/02/12,5/2/12,05/02/201205/02/2012 The Believer's Resources
T0715 The Name of God Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 01001001!30001001Genesis 1:1 20120212,12/02/12,12/2/12,12/02/201212/02/2012 The Believer's Resources
T0716 The Throne of God Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 5800414‑16!3300414‑16Hebrews 4:14‑16 20120219,19/02/12,19/2/12,19/02/201219/02/2012 The Believer's Resources
T0717 The Feasts of Jehovah Part 1 - Leviticus 23:4‑22 Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 030234‑22!460234‑22Leviticus 23:4‑22 20120226,26/02/12,26/2/12,26/02/201226/02/2012 A Study of Scripture Sevens
T0718 The Feasts of Jehovah Part 2 - Leviticus 23:23‑44 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 0302323‑44!4602323‑44Leviticus 23:23‑44 20120304,04/03/12,4/3/12,04/03/201204/03/2012 A Study of Scripture Sevens
T0719 The Parables of the Kingdom Part 1 - Matthew 13:1‑35 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 400131‑35!500131‑35Matthew 13:1‑35 20120311,11/03/12,11/3/12,11/03/201211/03/2012 A Study of Scripture Sevens
T0720 The Parables of the Kingdom Part 2 - Matthew 13:36‑52 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4001336‑52!5001336‑52Matthew 13:36‑52 20120318,18/03/12,18/3/12,18/03/201218/03/2012 A Study of Scripture Sevens
T0721 Letters to the Seven Churches Part 1 - Revelation 2:1‑17 Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 660021‑17!600021‑17Revelation 2:1‑17 20120325,25/03/12,25/3/12,25/03/201225/03/2012 A Study of Scripture Sevens
T0722 Letters to the Seven Churches Part 2 - Revelation 2:18‑3:22 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 6600218‑3:22!6000218‑3:22Revelation 2:18‑3:22 20120401,01/04/12,1/4/12,01/04/201201/04/2012 A Study of Scripture Sevens
T0723 Easter Message (2012) Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 460153‑8!020153‑81 Corinthians 15:3‑8 20120408,08/04/12,8/4/12,08/04/201208/04/2012 Easter
T0724 Christ, the focal point in the Personal Christian Life - Luke 24:15 Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 42023015!47023015Luke 23:15 20120415,15/04/12,15/4/12,15/04/201215/04/2012 Christ is all and in all
T0725 Christ, the focal point in the Christian Home - Luke 24:29‑30 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 42023029!47023029Luke 23:29 20120422,22/04/12,22/4/12,22/04/201222/04/2012 Christ is all and in all
T0726 Christ, the focal point in the Local Christian Church - Luke 24:36 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 42023036!47023036Luke 23:36 20120429,29/04/12,29/4/12,29/04/201229/04/2012 Christ is all and in all
T0727 Christ, the focal point in Personal Witness in the Business Life - Luke 24:46 Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 42023046!47023046Luke 23:46 20120506,06/05/12,6/5/12,06/05/201206/05/2012 Christ is all and in all
T0728 Introduction - Amos 1:1‑2:16 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 300011‑2:16!190011‑2:16Amos 1:1‑2:16 20120513,13/05/12,13/5/12,13/05/201213/05/2012 Amos speaks today
T0729 Relationship and Responsibility - Amos 3:1‑6:14 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 300031‑6:24!190031‑6:24Amos 3:1‑6:24 20120520,20/05/12,20/5/12,20/05/201220/05/2012 Amos speaks today
T0730 Visions, what the Lord showed Amos - Amos 7:1‑9:15 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 300071‑9:15!190071‑9:15Amos 7:1‑9:15 20120527,27/05/12,27/5/12,27/05/201227/05/2012 Amos speaks today
T0731 Thus saith the Lord - John 5:24 Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 43005024!40005024John 5:24 20120603,03/06/12,3/6/12,03/06/201203/06/2012 Amos speaks today
T0732 Christ the Sower and Seeker Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 400131‑8!500131‑8Matthew 13:1‑8 20120610,10/06/12,10/6/12,10/06/201210/06/2012 The Incomparable Christ
T0733 Christ the Sin-Forgiver Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 42007049!47007049Luke 7:49 20120617,17/06/12,17/6/12,17/06/201217/06/2012 The Incomparable Christ
T0734 Christ acts in sovereign grace Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 420191‑10!470191‑10Luke 19:1‑10 20120624,24/06/12,24/6/12,24/06/201224/06/2012 The Incomparable Christ
T0735 Christ the Son Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 40003017!50003017Matthew 3:17 20120701,01/07/12,1/7/12,01/07/201201/07/2012 The Incomparable Christ
T0736 The Covering of Adam and Eve Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 010031‑24!300031‑24Genesis 3:1‑24 20120708,08/07/12,8/7/12,08/07/201208/07/2012 Some Coverings of Scripture
T0737 Tabernacle Coverings 1 - The fine linen, blue, purple, scarlet and cherubim Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 020261‑6!260261‑6Exodus 26:1‑6 20120715,15/07/12,15/7/12,15/07/201215/07/2012 Some Coverings of Scripture
T0738 Tabernacle Coverings 2 - Goat's hair, ram's skins, badger skins Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 020267‑14!260267‑14Exodus 26:7‑14 20120722,22/07/12,22/7/12,22/07/201222/07/2012 Some Coverings of Scripture
T0739 The Covering of Heads Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 460112‑16!020112‑161 Corinthians 11:2‑16 20120729,29/07/12,29/7/12,29/07/201229/07/2012 Some Coverings of Scripture
T0740 The Blessing of Poverty Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 400053‑4!500053‑4Matthew 5:3‑4 20120805,05/08/12,5/8/12,05/08/201205/08/2012 The Beatitudes in the Modern World
T0741 The Blessing of Meekness Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 400055‑6!500055‑6Matthew 5:5‑6 20120812,12/08/12,12/8/12,12/08/201212/08/2012 The Beatitudes in the Modern World
T0742 The Blessing of Purity Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 40005008!50005008Matthew 5:8 20120819,19/08/12,19/8/12,19/08/201219/08/2012 The Beatitudes in the Modern World
T0743 The Blessing of Peace Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 400059‑12!500059‑12Matthew 5:9‑12 20120826,26/08/12,26/8/12,26/08/201226/08/2012 The Beatitudes in the Modern World
T0744 The sin of unbelief Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 580037‑19!330037‑19Hebrews 3:7‑19 20120902,02/09/12,2/9/12,02/09/201202/09/2012 Lessons from History
T0745 Ready to obey? Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 0901522‑23!0601522‑231 Samuel 15:22‑23 20120909,09/09/12,9/9/12,09/09/201209/09/2012 Lessons from History
T0746 Dealing with discouragement Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 040131‑24!540131‑24Numbers 13:1‑24 20120916,16/09/12,16/9/12,16/09/201216/09/2012 Lessons from History
T0747 Laying hold of God's promises Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 060011‑9!420011‑9Joshua 1:1‑9 20120923,23/09/12,23/9/12,23/09/201223/09/2012 Lessons from History
T0748 Obedience Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 4300828‑29!4000828‑29John 8:28‑29 20120930,30/09/12,30/9/12,30/09/201230/09/2012 Actions speak louder than words
T0749 Baptism Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4002819‑20!5002819‑20Matthew 28:19‑20 20121007,07/10/12,7/10/12,07/10/201207/10/2012 Actions speak louder than words
T0750 Marriage Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 24031003!37031003Jeremiah 31:3 20121014,14/10/12,14/10/12,14/10/201214/10/2012 Actions speak louder than words
T0751 Head covering Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 460113‑16!020113‑161 Corinthians 11:3‑16 20121021,21/10/12,21/10/12,21/10/201221/10/2012 Actions speak louder than words
T0752 Faith Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 58011006!33011006Hebrews 11:6 20121028,28/10/12,28/10/12,28/10/201228/10/2012 A Biblical look at some of today's ideas
T0753 Religion Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4401722‑33!1801722‑33Acts 17:22‑33 20121104,04/11/12,4/11/12,04/11/201204/11/2012 A Biblical look at some of today's ideas
T0754 Spirituality Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 43004024!40004024John 4:24 20121111,11/11/12,11/11/12,11/11/201211/11/2012 A Biblical look at some of today's ideas
T0755 Fundamentalism Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 4000724‑27!5000724‑27Matthew 7:24‑27 20121118,18/11/12,18/11/12,18/11/201218/11/2012 A Biblical look at some of today's ideas
T0756 The Tree of Life Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 010028‑9!300028‑9Genesis 2:8‑9 20121125,25/11/12,25/11/12,25/11/201225/11/2012 Some trees of the Bible
T0757 The Tree of Death Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 100181‑18!140181‑182 Samuel 18:1‑18 20121202,02/12/12,2/12/12,02/12/201202/12/2012 Some trees of the Bible
T0758 The Tree of Discovery Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 420191‑10!470191‑10Luke 19:1‑10 20121209,09/12/12,9/12/12,09/12/201209/12/2012 Some trees of the Bible
T0759 The Tree of Salvation Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 60002024!050020241 Peter 2:24 20121216,16/12/12,16/12/12,16/12/201216/12/2012 Some trees of the Bible
T0760 Christmas Message (2012) Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 4000118‑2:12!5000118‑2:12Matthew 1:18‑2:12 20121223,23/12/12,23/12/12,23/12/201223/12/2012 Christmas
T0761 Jochebed Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 020021‑10!260021‑10Exodus 2:1‑10 20121230,30/12/12,30/12/12,30/12/201230/12/2012 Women of faith
T0762 Hannah Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 090011‑2:10!060011‑2:101 Samuel 1:1‑2:10 20130106,06/01/13,6/1/13,06/01/201306/01/2013 Women of faith
T0763 Naomi and Ruth Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 080011‑4:17!620011‑4:17Ruth 1:1‑4:17 20130113,13/01/13,13/1/13,13/01/201313/01/2013 Women of faith
T0764 The little maid Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 120051‑4!120051‑42 Kings 5:1‑4 20130120,20/01/13,20/1/13,20/01/201320/01/2013 Women of faith
T0765 Elisabeth Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 420011‑80!470011‑80Luke 1:1‑80 20130127,27/01/13,27/1/13,27/01/201327/01/2013 Women of faith
T0766 Eunice and Lois Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 550011‑5!160011‑52 Timothy 1:1‑5 20130203,03/02/13,3/2/13,03/02/201303/02/2013 Women of faith
T0767 How to deal with worry Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 40006034!50006034Matthew 6:34 20130210,10/02/13,10/2/13,10/02/201310/02/2013 Coping with life
T0768 How to deal with gossip Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 50004008!57004008Philippians 4:8 20130217,17/02/13,17/2/13,17/02/201317/02/2013 Coping with life
T0769 How to deal with anger Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 49004026!24004026Ephesians 4:26 20130224,24/02/13,24/2/13,24/02/201324/02/2013 Coping with life
T0770 How to deal with fear Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 6200417‑19!0300417‑191 John 4:17‑19 20130303,03/03/13,3/3/13,03/03/201303/03/2013 Coping with life
T0771 The Son Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 580011‑3!330011‑3Hebrews 1:1‑3 20130310,10/03/13,10/3/13,10/03/201310/03/2013 Who is this Jesus
T0772 The Son of God Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4302030‑31!4002030‑31John 20:30‑31 20130317,17/03/13,17/3/13,17/03/201317/03/2013 Who is this Jesus
T0773 The Son of man Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 190083‑5!590083‑5Psalm 8:3‑5 20130324,24/03/13,24/3/13,24/03/201324/03/2013 Who is this Jesus
T0774 Easter Message (2013) Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 45001018!61001018Romans 1:18 20130331,31/03/13,31/3/13,31/03/201331/03/2013 Easter
T0775 The Son of David Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 40001020!50001020Matthew 1:20 20130407,07/04/13,7/4/13,07/04/201307/04/2013 Who is this Jesus
T0776 The challenge of science Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 4500120‑28!6100120‑28Romans 1:20‑28 20130414,14/04/13,14/4/13,14/04/201314/04/2013 Challenges to the Gospel in the 21st Century
T0777 The challenge of relevance Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 440211‑26:32!180211‑26:32Acts 21:1‑26:32 20130421,21/04/13,21/4/13,21/04/201321/04/2013 Challenges to the Gospel in the 21st Century
T0778 The challenge of prosperity Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 420191‑10!470191‑10Luke 19:1‑10 20130428,28/04/13,28/4/13,28/04/201328/04/2013 Challenges to the Gospel in the 21st Century
T0779 The challenge of militant secularism Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 490065‑9!240065‑9Ephesians 6:5‑9 20130505,05/05/13,5/5/13,05/05/201305/05/2013 Challenges to the Gospel in the 21st Century
T0780 Introduction and signs 1 and 2 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 430021‑11!400021‑11John 2:1‑11 20130512,12/05/13,12/5/13,12/05/201312/05/2013 The signs in John's Gospel
T0781 Signs 3, 4 and 5 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 430051‑5!400051‑5John 5:1‑5 20130519,19/05/13,19/5/13,19/05/201319/05/2013 The signs in John's Gospel
T0782 Signs 6 and 7 Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 430091‑41!400091‑41John 9:1‑41 20130526,26/05/13,26/5/13,26/05/201326/05/2013 The signs in John's Gospel
T0783 Signs 8 and 9 and conclusion Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 430211‑14!400211‑14John 21:1‑14 20130602,02/06/13,2/6/13,02/06/201302/06/2013 The signs in John's Gospel
T0784 The Provision of Christ Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 460101‑4!020101‑41 Corinthians 10:1‑4 20130609,09/06/13,9/6/13,09/06/201309/06/2013 Spiritual things
T0785 Spiritual men Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 450081‑17!610081‑17Romans 8:1‑17 20130616,16/06/13,16/6/13,16/06/201316/06/2013 Spiritual things
T0786 Spiritual Songs and Spiritual Sacrifices Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4900518‑25!2400518‑25Ephesians 5:18‑25 20130623,23/06/13,23/6/13,23/06/201323/06/2013 Spiritual things
T0787 A Spiritual House Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 60002005!050020051 Peter 2:5 20130630,30/06/13,30/6/13,30/06/201330/06/2013 Spiritual things
T0788 Psalm 1:1‑6 - Godliness and its blessings Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 190011‑6!590011‑6Psalm 1:1‑6 20130707,07/07/13,7/7/13,07/07/201307/07/2013 Meditations in the Psalms
T0789 Psalm 2:1‑12 - A proper world view Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 190021‑12!590021‑12Psalm 2:1‑12 20130714,14/07/13,14/7/13,14/07/201314/07/2013 Meditations in the Psalms
T0790 Psalm 18:1‑50 - The Lord is my Rock Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 190181‑50!590181‑50Psalm 18:1‑50 20130721,21/07/13,21/7/13,21/07/201321/07/2013 Meditations in the Psalms
T0791 Psalm 19:1‑14 - God creation and God's Word Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 190191‑14!590191‑14Psalm 19:1‑14 20130728,28/07/13,28/7/13,28/07/201328/07/2013 Meditations in the Psalms
T0792 Psalm 25:1‑22 - Teach me Thy way, O Lord Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 190251‑22!590251‑22Psalm 25:1‑22 20130804,04/08/13,4/8/13,04/08/201304/08/2013 Meditations in the Psalms
T0793 Psalm 32:1‑11 - Sins confessed and forgiven Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 190321‑11!590321‑11Psalm 32:1‑11 20130811,11/08/13,11/8/13,11/08/201311/08/2013 Meditations in the Psalms
T0794 Miriam Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 040121‑16!540121‑16Numbers 12:1‑16 20130818,18/08/13,18/8/13,18/08/201318/08/2013 Women of faith
T0795 Rahab Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 060021‑18!420021‑18Joshua 2:1‑18 20130825,25/08/13,25/8/13,25/08/201325/08/2013 Women of faith
T0796 Deborah Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 070041‑5:31!440041‑5:31Judges 4:1‑5:31 20130901,01/09/13,1/9/13,01/09/201301/09/2013 Women of faith
T0797 Jehoshabeath Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 120111‑3!120111‑32 Kings 11:1‑3 20130908,08/09/13,8/9/13,08/09/201308/09/2013 Women of faith
T0798 The day of salvation Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 47006002!100060022 Corinthians 6:2 20130915,15/09/13,15/9/13,15/09/201315/09/2013 Important days in God's calendar
T0799 The day of redemption Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 020066‑8!260066‑8Exodus 6:6‑8 20130922,22/09/13,22/9/13,22/09/201322/09/2013 Important days in God's calendar
T0800 The day of the Lord Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 61003008!130030082 Peter 3:8 20130929,29/09/13,29/9/13,29/09/201329/09/2013 Important days in God's calendar
T0801 The day of the Lord Jesus Christ Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 500013‑7!570013‑7Philippians 1:3‑7 20131006,06/10/13,6/10/13,06/10/201306/10/2013 Important days in God's calendar
T0802 Help! We're married Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 58013004!33013004Hebrews 13:4 20131013,13/10/13,13/10/13,13/10/201313/10/2013 Help! We are married
T0803 Help! We've been invaded Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 19127003!59127003Psalm 127:3 20131020,20/10/13,20/10/13,20/10/201320/10/2013 Help! We are married
T0804 Help! We're stretched Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 58013016!33013016Hebrews 13:16 20131027,27/10/13,27/10/13,27/10/201327/10/2013 Help! We are married
T0805 Help! What happens next? Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 4900522‑25!2400522‑25Ephesians 5:22‑25 20131103,03/11/13,3/11/13,03/11/201303/11/2013 Help! We are married
T0806 David's testings Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 090171‑58!060171‑581 Samuel 17:1‑58 20131110,10/11/13,10/11/13,10/11/201310/11/2013 Lessons from the life of David
T0807 David's triumphs Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 100051‑5!140051‑52 Samuel 5:1‑5 20131117,17/11/13,17/11/13,17/11/201317/11/2013 Lessons from the life of David
T0808 David's troubles Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 100111‑26!140111‑262 Samuel 11:1‑26 20131124,24/11/13,24/11/13,24/11/201324/11/2013 Lessons from the life of David
T0809 David's testimonies Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 1302910‑20!0102910‑201 Chronicles 29:10‑20 20131201,01/12/13,1/12/13,01/12/201301/12/2013 Lessons from the life of David
T0810 Creation week (Genesis 1:1‑2:3) Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 010011‑2:3!300011‑2:3Genesis 1:1‑2:3 20131208,08/12/13,8/12/13,08/12/201308/12/2013 Back to the beginning
T0811 Adam and Eve in Eden (Genesis 2:4‑25) Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 010024:‑25!300024:‑25Genesis 2:4:‑25 20131215,15/12/13,15/12/13,15/12/201315/12/2013 Back to the beginning
T0812 Christmas Message (2013) Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 420021‑14!470021‑14Luke 2:1‑14 20131222,22/12/13,22/12/13,22/12/201322/12/2013 Christmas
T0813 The entrance of sin into the world (Genesis 3:1‑24) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 010031‑24!300031‑24Genesis 3:1‑24 20131229,29/12/13,29/12/13,29/12/201329/12/2013 Back to the beginning
T0814 The consequences of sin (Genesis 4:1‑5:32) Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 010041‑5:32!300041‑5:32Genesis 4:1‑5:32 20140105,05/01/14,5/1/14,05/01/201405/01/2014 Back to the beginning
T0815 Repentance and faith Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 44020021!18020021Acts 20:21 20140112,12/01/14,12/1/14,12/01/201412/01/2014 Some important biblical couplets
T0816 Grace and truth Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 4300114‑127!4000114‑127John 1:14‑127 20140119,19/01/14,19/1/14,19/01/201419/01/2014 Some important biblical couplets
T0817 Righteousness and peace Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 230321‑2!350321‑2Isaiah 32:1‑2 20140126,26/01/14,26/1/14,26/01/201426/01/2014 Some important biblical couplets
T0818 Faith and hope Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 60001021!050010211 Peter 1:21 20140202,02/02/14,2/2/14,02/02/201402/02/2014 Some important biblical couplets
T0819 Separation to Christ Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4001034‑39!5001034‑39Matthew 10:34‑39 20140209,09/02/14,9/2/14,09/02/201409/02/2014 Called to be holy
T0820 Separation from the world Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 4301714‑21!4001714‑21John 17:14‑21 20140216,16/02/14,16/2/14,16/02/201416/02/2014 Called to be holy
T0821 Separation - not exclusion nor segregation Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 010121‑5!300121‑5Genesis 12:1‑5 20140223,23/02/14,23/2/14,23/02/201423/02/2014 Called to be holy
T0822 Separation of Church and State Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 660021‑3:22!600021‑3:22Revelation 2:1‑3:22 20140302,02/03/14,2/3/14,02/03/201402/03/2014 Called to be holy
T0823 The Raven - the grace of God Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 01008007!30008007Genesis 8:7 20140309,09/03/14,9/3/14,09/03/201409/03/2014 Lessons from Bible birds
T0824 The Eagle - the strength of God Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 02019004!26019004Exodus 19:4 20140316,16/03/14,16/3/14,16/03/201416/03/2014 Lessons from Bible birds
T0825 The Hen - the protection of God Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4002337‑39!5002337‑39Matthew 23:37‑39 20140323,23/03/14,23/3/14,23/03/201423/03/2014 Lessons from Bible birds
T0826 The Pelican, the owl and the sparrow - the comfort of God Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 191021‑28!591021‑28Psalm 102:1‑28 20140330,30/03/14,30/3/14,30/03/201430/03/2014 Lessons from Bible birds
T0827 The Style of the Servant Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 230421‑9!350421‑9Isaiah 42:1‑9 20140406,06/04/14,6/4/14,06/04/201406/04/2014 Four songs of the Servant
T0828 The Sadness of the Servant Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 230491‑9!350491‑9Isaiah 49:1‑9 20140413,13/04/14,13/4/14,13/04/201413/04/2014 Four songs of the Servant
T0829 Easter Message (2014) Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 40028006!50028006Matthew 28:6 20140420,20/04/14,20/4/14,20/04/201420/04/2014 Easter
T0830 The Support of the Servant Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 230501‑11!350501‑11Isaiah 50:1‑11 20140427,27/04/14,27/4/14,27/04/201427/04/2014 Four songs of the Servant
T0831 The Suffering of the Servant Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 2305213‑53:12!3505213‑53:12Isaiah 52:13‑53:12 20140504,04/05/14,4/5/14,04/05/201404/05/2014 Four songs of the Servant
T0832 Learning to leave Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 010121‑5!300121‑5Genesis 12:1‑5 20140511,11/05/14,11/5/14,11/05/201411/05/2014 Learning difficult lessons with Abraham
T0833 Learning to wait Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4500819‑23!6100819‑23Romans 8:19‑23 20140518,18/05/14,18/5/14,18/05/201418/05/2014 Learning difficult lessons with Abraham
T0834 Learning from family difficulties Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 01011031!30011031Genesis 11:31 20140525,25/05/14,25/5/14,25/05/201425/05/2014 Learning difficult lessons with Abraham
T0835 Learning to let go Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 010221‑13!300221‑13Genesis 22:1‑13 20140601,01/06/14,1/6/14,01/06/201401/06/2014 Learning difficult lessons with Abraham
T0836 God's work for us and in us Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 560034‑7!640034‑7Titus 3:4‑7 20140608,08/06/14,8/6/14,08/06/201408/06/2014 Distinguishing things that differ
T0837 Dealing with discouragement Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 470047‑10!100047‑102 Corinthians 4:7‑10 20140615,15/06/14,15/6/14,15/06/201415/06/2014 Distinguishing things that differ
T0838 Success or faithfulness in God's work Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 090171‑58!060171‑581 Samuel 17:1‑58 20140622,22/06/14,22/6/14,22/06/201422/06/2014 Distinguishing things that differ
T0839 God's sovereignty and our responsibility Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4301026‑29!4001026‑29John 10:26‑29 20140629,29/06/14,29/6/14,29/06/201429/06/2014 Distinguishing things that differ
T0840 Zechariah 1:1‑2:13 - The man and his message Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 380011‑2:13!650011‑2:13Zechariah 1:1‑2:13 20140706,06/07/14,6/7/14,06/07/201406/07/2014 A look at Zechariah
T0841 Zechariah 3:1‑6:15 - Visions in the night Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 380031‑6:15!650031‑6:15Zechariah 3:1‑6:15 20140713,13/07/14,13/7/14,13/07/201413/07/2014 A look at Zechariah
T0842 Zechariah 7:1‑8:23 - "Thus saith the Lord of Hosts" Brett,Anthony!Anthony BrettAnthony Brett 380071‑8:23!650071‑8:23Zechariah 7:1‑8:23 20140720,20/07/14,20/7/14,20/07/201420/07/2014 A look at Zechariah
T0843 Zechariah 9:1‑17 & 11:1‑17 - "Behold! Thy King cometh unto thee" Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 380091‑27!650091‑27Zechariah 9:1‑27 20140727,27/07/14,27/7/14,27/07/201427/07/2014 A look at Zechariah
T0844 Introduction and Kadesh Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 060201‑9!420201‑9Joshua 20:1‑9 20140803,03/08/14,3/8/14,03/08/201403/08/2014 Cities of Refuge
T0845 Shechem Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 060201‑9!420201‑9Joshua 20:1‑9 20140810,10/08/14,10/8/14,10/08/201410/08/2014 Cities of Refuge
T0846 Hebron and Bezer Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 060201‑9!420201‑9Joshua 20:1‑9 20140817,17/08/14,17/8/14,17/08/201417/08/2014 Cities of Refuge
T0847 Ramoth and Golan Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 060201‑9!420201‑9Joshua 20:1‑9 20140824,24/08/14,24/8/14,24/08/201424/08/2014 Cities of Refuge
T0848 Paul's prayers for the church Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 4900115‑23!2400115‑23Ephesians 1:15‑23 20140831,31/08/14,31/8/14,31/08/201431/08/2014 Bible Prayers
T0849 The Lord's prayer for His own Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 430171‑26!400171‑26John 17:1‑26 20140907,07/09/14,7/9/14,07/09/201407/09/2014 Bible Prayers
T0850 Solomon's dedication prayer, lessons for us Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 1400614‑42!0900614‑422 Chronicles 6:14‑42 20140914,14/09/14,14/9/14,14/09/201414/09/2014 Bible Prayers
T0851 Praying Old Testament believers - Hannah, Elijah and Daniel Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 090011‑2:11!060011‑2:111 Samuel 1:1‑2:11 20140921,21/09/14,21/9/14,21/09/201421/09/2014 Bible Prayers
T0852 Zechariah 10:1‑12 - Blessing Enjoyed by Israel Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 380101‑12!650101‑12Zechariah 10:1‑12 20140928,28/09/14,28/9/14,28/09/201428/09/2014 A look at Zechariah
T0853 Zechariah 12:1‑14 - "They shall look on Me whom they have pierced" Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 380121‑14!650121‑14Zechariah 12:1‑14 20141005,05/10/14,5/10/14,05/10/201405/10/2014 A look at Zechariah
T0854 Zechariah 13:1‑9 - "Awake, O sword, against My Shepherd" Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 380131‑9!650131‑9Zechariah 13:1‑9 20141012,12/10/14,12/10/14,12/10/201412/10/2014 A look at Zechariah
T0855 Zechariah 14:1‑21 - "His feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives" Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 38014121!65014121Zechariah 14:121 20141019,19/10/14,19/10/14,19/10/201419/10/2014 A look at Zechariah
T0856 Jesus at the River Jordan (John 1:15‑37) Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4300115‑37!4000115‑37John 1:15‑37 20141026,26/10/14,26/10/14,26/10/201426/10/2014 Some journeys Jesus made
T0857 Jesus in Jerusalem (John 2:13‑3:36) Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4300213‑3:36!4000213‑3:36John 2:13‑3:36 20141102,02/11/14,2/11/14,02/11/201402/11/2014 Some journeys Jesus made
T0858 Jesus in Samaria (John 4:1‑42) Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 430041‑42!400041‑42John 4:1‑42 20141109,09/11/14,9/11/14,09/11/201409/11/2014 Some journeys Jesus made
T0859 Jesus in Galilee (John 4:43‑54) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 4300443‑54!4000443‑54John 4:43‑54 20141116,16/11/14,16/11/14,16/11/201416/11/2014 Some journeys Jesus made
T0860 Noah before the Flood (Genesis 6:1‑7:9) Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 010061‑7:9!300061‑7:9Genesis 6:1‑7:9 20141123,23/11/14,23/11/14,23/11/201423/11/2014 Back to the beginning
T0861 The Flood (Genesis 7:10‑24) Donaldson,Brian!Brian DonaldsonBrian Donaldson 0100710‑24!3000710‑24Genesis 7:10‑24 20141130,30/11/14,30/11/14,30/11/201430/11/2014 Back to the beginning
T0862 The Aftermath of the Flood (Genesis 8:1‑22) Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 010081‑22!300081‑22Genesis 8:1‑22 20141207,07/12/14,7/12/14,07/12/201407/12/2014 Back to the beginning
T0863 Noah and his family after the Flood (Genesis 9:1‑28) Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 010091‑28!300091‑28Genesis 9:1‑28 20141214,14/12/14,14/12/14,14/12/201414/12/2014 Back to the beginning
T0864 Christmas Message (2014) Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 400011‑2:23!500011‑2:23Matthew 1:1‑2:23 20141221,21/12/14,21/12/14,21/12/201421/12/2014 Christmas
T0865 Follow Righteousness Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 55002022!160020222 Timothy 2:22 20141228,28/12/14,28/12/14,28/12/201428/12/2014 Four things we need to follow
T0866 Follow Faith Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 55002022!160020222 Timothy 2:22 20150104,04/01/15,4/1/15,04/01/201504/01/2015 Four things we need to follow
T0867 Follow Love Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 55002022!160020222 Timothy 2:22 20150111,11/01/15,11/1/15,11/01/201511/01/2015 Four things we need to follow
T0868 Follow Peace Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 55002022!160020222 Timothy 2:22 20150118,18/01/15,18/1/15,18/01/201518/01/2015 Four things we need to follow
T0869 Christ's ministry - Jerusalem to Bethany (Emmaus) Luke 24 Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 4202413‑35!4702413‑35Luke 24:13‑35 20150125,25/01/15,25/1/15,25/01/201525/01/2015 Lessons from Bible Journeys
T0870 Philip's call - Samaria to Gaza Acts 8 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 440081‑40!180081‑40Acts 8:1‑40 20150201,01/02/15,1/2/15,01/02/201501/02/2015 Lessons from Bible Journeys
T0871 Saul's conversion - Jerusalem to Damascus Acts 9 Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 440091‑31!180091‑31Acts 9:1‑31 20150208,08/02/15,8/2/15,08/02/201508/02/2015 Lessons from Bible Journeys
T0872 Peter's commission - Joppa to Caesarea Acts 10 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 440101‑48!180101‑48Acts 10:1‑48 20150215,15/02/15,15/2/15,15/02/201515/02/2015 Lessons from Bible Journeys
T0873 Saviour Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 4000120‑21!5000120‑21Matthew 1:20‑21 20150222,22/02/15,22/2/15,22/02/201522/02/2015 What Christ is to us
T0874 Lord Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 45010009!61010009Romans 10:9 20150301,01/03/15,1/3/15,01/03/201501/03/2015 What Christ is to us
T0875 Head Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 46011003!020110031 Corinthians 11:3 20150308,08/03/15,8/3/15,08/03/201508/03/2015 What Christ is to us
T0876 Great High Priest and Advocate Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 5800414‑16!3300414‑16Hebrews 4:14‑16 20150315,15/03/15,15/3/15,15/03/201515/03/2015 What Christ is to us
T0877 Who is Jesus? (Psalm 2) Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 190021‑12!590021‑12Psalm 2:1‑12 20150322,22/03/15,22/3/15,22/03/201522/03/2015 Easter Messages from the Psalms
T0878 Incarnation, Obedience and Betrayal (Psalms 40 & 41) Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 190401‑17!590401‑17Psalm 40:1‑17 20150329,29/03/15,29/3/15,29/03/201529/03/2015 Easter Messages from the Psalms
T0879 The Crucifixion (Psalm 22) Hughes,Gordon!Gordon HughesGordon Hughes 190221‑31!590221‑31Psalm 22:1‑31 20150405,05/04/15,5/4/15,05/04/201505/04/2015 Easter Messages from the Psalms
T0880 Resurrection, Ascension and Kingdom (Psalms 16 & 68) Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 190161‑11!590161‑11Psalm 16:1‑11 20150412,12/04/15,12/4/15,12/04/201512/04/2015 Easter Messages from the Psalms
T0881 Your heavenly Father Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 420111‑13!470111‑13Luke 11:1‑13 20150419,19/04/15,19/4/15,19/04/201519/04/2015 Biblical Fathers
T0882 My Father and your Father Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 43020017!40020017John 20:17 20150426,26/04/15,26/4/15,26/04/201526/04/2015 Biblical Fathers
T0883 The devil - the father of lies Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 43008044!40008044John 8:44 20150503,03/05/15,3/5/15,03/05/201503/05/2015 Biblical Fathers
T0884 Fathers, do not provoke … Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 49006004!24006004Ephesians 6:4 20150510,10/05/15,10/5/15,10/05/201510/05/2015 Biblical Fathers
T0885 The ant - prepare to meet thy God Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 20030025!58030025Proverbs 30:25 20150517,17/05/15,17/5/15,17/05/201517/05/2015 Four things little and wise (Proverbs 30:24‑28)
T0886 The coney - refuge in the Rock Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 20030026!58030026Proverbs 30:26 20150524,24/05/15,24/5/15,24/05/201524/05/2015 Four things little and wise (Proverbs 30:24‑28)
T0887 The locust - Going in bands, fellowship Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 20030027!58030027Proverbs 30:27 20150531,31/05/15,31/5/15,31/05/201531/05/2015 Four things little and wise (Proverbs 30:24‑28)
T0888 The spider - The hope of the believer: the Father's house Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 20030028!58030028Proverbs 30:28 20150607,07/06/15,7/6/15,07/06/201507/06/2015 Four things little and wise (Proverbs 30:24‑28)
T0889 Sarah Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 010161‑17:27!300161‑17:27Genesis 16:1‑17:27 20150614,14/06/15,14/6/15,14/06/201514/06/2015 Supportive Spouses
T0890 Zipporah Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 0200215‑22!2600215‑22Exodus 2:15‑22 20150621,21/06/15,21/6/15,21/06/201521/06/2015 Supportive Spouses
T0891 Abigail Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 090251‑44!060251‑441 Samuel 25:1‑44 20150628,28/06/15,28/6/15,28/06/201528/06/2015 Supportive Spouses
T0892 Joseph Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4000112‑2:15!5000112‑2:15Matthew 1:12‑2:15 20150705,05/07/15,5/7/15,05/07/201505/07/2015 Supportive Spouses
T0893 God in creation Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 190083‑4!590083‑4Psalm 8:3‑4 20150712,12/07/15,12/7/15,12/07/201512/07/2015 The finger of God
T0894 God in communication Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 0200816‑19!2600816‑19Exodus 8:16‑19 20150719,19/07/15,19/7/15,19/07/201519/07/2015 The finger of God
T0895 The judgment of God Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 0200816‑19!2600816‑19Exodus 8:16‑19 20150726,26/07/15,26/7/15,26/07/201526/07/2015 The finger of God
T0896 The forgiveness of God Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 430081‑11!400081‑11John 8:1‑11 20150802,02/08/15,2/8/15,02/08/201502/08/2015 The finger of God
T0897 Prologue, births of John the Baptist and the Lord foretold (Luke 1:1‑38) Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 420011‑38!470011‑38Luke 1:1‑38 20150809,09/08/15,9/8/15,09/08/201509/08/2015 Luke's Gospel
T0898 Events surrounding the birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:39‑80) Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 4200139‑80!4700139‑80Luke 1:39‑80 20150816,16/08/15,16/8/15,16/08/201516/08/2015 Luke's Gospel
T0899 The birth of the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 2:1‑38) Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 420021‑38!470021‑38Luke 2:1‑38 20150823,23/08/15,23/8/15,23/08/201523/08/2015 Luke's Gospel
T0900 The Lord's childhood (Luke 2:39‑52) Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 4200239‑52!4700239‑52Luke 2:39‑52 20150830,30/08/15,30/8/15,30/08/201530/08/2015 Luke's Gospel
T0901 Queen Vashti - valiant or vain Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 170011‑22!250011‑22Esther 1:1‑22 20150906,06/09/15,6/9/15,06/09/201506/09/2015 Character lessons from Esther
T0902 Queen Esther - beauty in depth Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 170021‑16!250021‑16Esther 2:1‑16 20150913,13/09/15,13/9/15,13/09/201513/09/2015 Character lessons from Esther
T0903 Haman - pride and its penalties Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 170031‑15!250031‑15Esther 3:1‑15 20150920,20/09/15,20/9/15,20/09/201520/09/2015 Character lessons from Esther
T0904 Mordecai - wisdom in action Donaldson,Brian!Brian DonaldsonBrian Donaldson 170027‑23!250027‑23Esther 2:7‑23 20150927,27/09/15,27/9/15,27/09/201527/09/2015 Character lessons from Esther
T0905 2 John: Healthy Families Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 630011‑13!110011‑132 John 1:1‑13 20151004,04/10/15,4/10/15,04/10/201504/10/2015 Short letters in the New Testament
T0906 3 John: Healthy Churches Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 640011‑15!170011‑153 John 1:1‑15 20151011,11/10/15,11/10/15,11/10/201511/10/2015 Short letters in the New Testament
T0907 Philemon: Healthy Relationships Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 570011‑25!560011‑25Philemon 1:1‑25 20151018,18/10/15,18/10/15,18/10/201518/10/2015 Short letters in the New Testament
T0908 Jude: Healthy Faith Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 650011‑25!430011‑25Jude 1:1‑25 20151025,25/10/15,25/10/15,25/10/201525/10/2015 Short letters in the New Testament
T0909 A lesson in humility Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 2000616‑19!5800616‑19Proverbs 6:16‑19 20151101,01/11/15,1/11/15,01/11/201501/11/2015 Some lessons from Proverbs
T0910 A lesson in trust Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 200035‑6!580035‑6Proverbs 3:5‑6 20151108,08/11/15,8/11/15,08/11/201508/11/2015 Some lessons from Proverbs
T0911 A lesson in finance Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 20011028!58011028Proverbs 11:28 20151115,15/11/15,15/11/15,15/11/201515/11/2015 Some lessons from Proverbs
T0912 A lesson for women Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 2003110‑31!5803110‑31Proverbs 31:10‑31 20151122,22/11/15,22/11/15,22/11/201522/11/2015 Some lessons from Proverbs
T0913 The Lord as our Provider Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 19023001!59023001Psalm 23:1 20151129,29/11/15,29/11/15,29/11/201529/11/2015 Psalm 23 - Aspects of our Lord
T0914 The Lord as our Guide Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 190232‑3!590232‑3Psalm 23:2‑3 20151206,06/12/15,6/12/15,06/12/201506/12/2015 Psalm 23 - Aspects of our Lord
T0915 The Lord as our Keeper Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 19023004!59023004Psalm 23:4 20151213,13/12/15,13/12/15,13/12/201513/12/2015 Psalm 23 - Aspects of our Lord
T0916 Christmas Message (2015) Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 420021‑20!470021‑20Luke 2:1‑20 20151220,20/12/15,20/12/15,20/12/201520/12/2015 Christmas
T0917 The Lord our Captain Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 190235‑6!590235‑6Psalm 23:5‑6 20151227,27/12/15,27/12/15,27/12/201527/12/2015 Psalm 23 - Aspects of our Lord
T0918 The Armour of God Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 4900610‑20!2400610‑20Ephesians 6:10‑20 20160103,03/01/16,3/1/16,03/01/201603/01/2016 Some Bible lists
T0919 The Fruit of the Spirit Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4800522‑23!2900522‑23Galatians 5:22‑23 20160110,10/01/16,10/1/16,10/01/201610/01/2016 Some Bible lists
T0920 Things to think about Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 500046‑9!570046‑9Philippians 4:6‑9 20160117,17/01/16,17/1/16,17/01/201617/01/2016 Some Bible lists
T0921 Things to add to our faith Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 610015‑9!130015‑92 Peter 1:5‑9 20160124,24/01/16,24/1/16,24/01/201624/01/2016 Some Bible lists
T0922 Family with the Father Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 620011‑10!030011‑101 John 1:1‑10 20160131,31/01/16,31/1/16,31/01/201631/01/2016 Life in the family of God
T0923 Family with the Son Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 620021‑29!030021‑291 John 2:1‑29 20160207,07/02/16,7/2/16,07/02/201607/02/2016 Life in the family of God
T0924 Children in the family Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 6200314‑24!0300314‑241 John 3:14‑24 20160214,14/02/16,14/2/16,14/02/201614/02/2016 Life in the family of God
T0925 Confidence and assurance in family Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 620041‑5:21!030041‑5:211 John 4:1‑5:21 20160221,21/02/16,21/2/16,21/02/201621/02/2016 Life in the family of God
T0926 The Holy Spirit in Christ Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4000118‑20!5000118‑20Matthew 1:18‑20 20160228,28/02/16,28/2/16,28/02/201628/02/2016 The Person and work of the Spirit
T0927 The Holy Spirit in the Christian Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 43014015!40014015John 14:15 20160306,06/03/16,6/3/16,06/03/201606/03/2016 The Person and work of the Spirit
T0928 The Holy Spirit in the Church Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 440021‑4!180021‑4Acts 2:1‑4 20160313,13/03/16,13/3/16,13/03/201613/03/2016 The Person and work of the Spirit
T0929 The Holy Spirit in the world Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 4301416‑17!4001416‑17John 14:16‑17 20160320,20/03/16,20/3/16,20/03/201620/03/2016 The Person and work of the Spirit
T0930 Easter Message (2016) Donaldson,Brian!Brian DonaldsonBrian Donaldson 420221‑23:56!470221‑23:56Luke 22:1‑23:56 20160327,27/03/16,27/3/16,27/03/201627/03/2016 Easter
T0931 The last words of Moses Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 050331‑25!220331‑25Deuteronomy 33:1‑25 20160403,03/04/16,3/4/16,03/04/201603/04/2016 Last Words
T0932 The last words of Joshua Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 060231‑24:33!420231‑24:33Joshua 23:1‑24:33 20160410,10/04/16,10/4/16,10/04/201610/04/2016 Last Words
T0933 The last words of David Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 130291‑20!010291‑201 Chronicles 29:1‑20 20160417,17/04/16,17/4/16,17/04/201617/04/2016 Last Words
T0934 The last words of Paul Callicott,Paul!Paul CallicottPaul Callicott 550041‑22!160041‑222 Timothy 4:1‑22 20160424,24/04/16,24/4/16,24/04/201624/04/2016 Last Words
T0935 John the Baptist's ministry Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 420031‑20!470031‑20Luke 3:1‑20 20160501,01/05/16,1/5/16,01/05/201601/05/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0936 Jesus' baptism, genealogy and temptation Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 4200321‑4:13 !4700321‑4:13 Luke 3:21‑4:13 20160508,08/05/16,8/5/16,08/05/201608/05/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0937 Jesus at Nazareth and Capernaum Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 4200414‑44!4700414‑44Luke 4:14‑44 20160515,15/05/16,15/5/16,15/05/201615/05/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0938 Jesus by Galilee Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 420051‑16!470051‑16Luke 5:1‑16 20160522,22/05/16,22/5/16,22/05/201622/05/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0939 The Paralytic and Levi Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4200517‑32!4700517‑32Luke 5:17‑32 20160529,29/05/16,29/5/16,29/05/201629/05/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0940 Jesus and the Pharisees Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 4200533‑6:11!4700533‑6:11Luke 5:33‑6:11 20160605,05/06/16,5/6/16,05/06/201605/06/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0941 Forgiveness Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4200517‑26!4700517‑26Luke 5:17‑26 20160612,12/06/16,12/6/16,12/06/201612/06/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0942 Justification Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 180092, 25:4!380092, 25:4Job 9:2, 25:4 20160619,19/06/16,19/6/16,19/06/201619/06/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0943 Redemption Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 48003013!29003013Galatians 3:13 20160626,26/06/16,26/6/16,26/06/201626/06/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0944 Reconciliation Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 4201511‑32!4701511‑32Luke 15:11‑32 20160703,03/07/16,3/7/16,03/07/201603/07/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0945 The greatness of our Saviour Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 580011‑4!330011‑4Hebrews 1:1‑4 20160710,10/07/16,10/7/16,10/07/201610/07/2016 God's help for Christians today
T0946 A High Priest in heaven Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 58004014!33004014Hebrews 4:14 20160717,17/07/16,17/7/16,17/07/201617/07/2016 God's help for Christians today
T0947 Sanctification is possible Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 5801010‑14!3301010‑14Hebrews 10:10‑14 20160724,24/07/16,24/7/16,24/07/201624/07/2016 God's help for Christians today
T0948 Enduring in difficulties Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 58013005!33013005Hebrews 13:5 20160731,31/07/16,31/7/16,31/07/201631/07/2016 God's help for Christians today
T0949 Changed lives Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 410051‑4!490051‑4Mark 5:1‑4 20160807,07/08/16,7/8/16,07/08/201607/08/2016 Christ and us (Mark's Gospel)
T0950 Perceptions of Jesus Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 4100724‑30, 9:1‑13!4900724‑30, 9:1‑13Mark 7:24‑30, 9:1‑13 20160814,14/08/16,14/8/16,14/08/201614/08/2016 Christ and us (Mark's Gospel)
T0951 Which way? Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4101017‑22, 46‑52!4901017‑22, 46‑52Mark 10:17‑22, 46‑52 20160821,21/08/16,21/8/16,21/08/201621/08/2016 Christ and us (Mark's Gospel)
T0952 Opportunities Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 4101241‑44, 15:37‑46!4901241‑44, 15:37‑46Mark 12:41‑44, 15:37‑46 20160828,28/08/16,28/8/16,28/08/201628/08/2016 Christ and us (Mark's Gospel)
T0953 The twelve and the blessings and the woes Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 4200612‑26!4700612‑26Luke 6:12‑26 20160904,04/09/16,4/9/16,04/09/201604/09/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0954 Teaching on discipleship Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4200627‑49!4700627‑49Luke 6:27‑49 20160911,11/09/16,11/9/16,11/09/201611/09/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0955 The Centurion and the widow of Nain Donaldson,Brian!Brian DonaldsonBrian Donaldson 420071‑17!470071‑17Luke 7:1‑17 20160918,18/09/16,18/9/16,18/09/201618/09/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0956 Jesus and John the Baptist Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 4200718‑35!4700718‑35Luke 7:18‑35 20160925,25/09/16,25/9/16,25/09/201625/09/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0957 Jesus in Simon the Pharisee's house Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 4200736‑50!4700736‑50Luke 7:36‑50 20161002,02/10/16,2/10/16,02/10/201602/10/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0958 The Parable of the Sower Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 420081‑15!470081‑15Luke 8:1‑15 20161009,09/10/16,9/10/16,09/10/201609/10/2016 Luke's Gospel
T0959 Peter - Dealing with self Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 420221‑34!470221‑34Luke 22:1‑34 20161016,16/10/16,16/10/16,16/10/201616/10/2016 Problems Christians Face
T0960 Thomas - Dealing with doubt Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 4302019‑29!4002019‑29John 20:19‑29 20161023,23/10/16,23/10/16,23/10/201623/10/2016 Problems Christians Face
T0961 Mark - Dealing with failure Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 440121‑12!180121‑12Acts 12:1‑12 20161030,30/10/16,30/10/16,30/10/201630/10/2016 Problems Christians Face
T0962 Salvation Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 5100112‑14!2000112‑14Colossians 1:12‑14 20161106,06/11/16,6/11/16,06/11/201606/11/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0963 Sanctification Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 46001002!020010021 Corinthians 1:2 20161113,13/11/16,13/11/16,13/11/201613/11/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0964 New Birth Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 430031‑13!400031‑13John 3:1‑13 20161120,20/11/16,20/11/16,20/11/201620/11/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0965 Quickening Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 490021‑6!240021‑6Ephesians 2:1‑6 20161127,27/11/16,27/11/16,27/11/201627/11/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0966 Gift of the Holy Spirit Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 4400232‑38!1800232‑38Acts 2:32‑38 20161204,04/12/16,4/12/16,04/12/201604/12/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0967 New Creation Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 47005017!100050172 Corinthians 5:17 20161211,11/12/16,11/12/16,11/12/201611/12/2016 Things which accompany salvation
T0968 Infectious Joy Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 420015‑80 !470015‑80 Luke 1:5‑80 20161218,18/12/16,18/12/16,18/12/201618/12/2016 Christmas Series 2016
T0969 Joseph's dilemma and Scandal Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 4000118‑25!5000118‑25Matthew 1:18‑25 20161225,25/12/16,25/12/16,25/12/201625/12/2016 Christmas Series 2016
T0970 The Wise Men and Herod's Fury Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 400021‑23!500021‑23Matthew 2:1‑23 20170101,01/01/17,1/1/17,01/01/201701/01/2017 Christmas Series 2016
T0971 Christ greater than the Prophets Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 580011‑4!330011‑4Hebrews 1:1‑4 20170108,08/01/17,8/1/17,08/01/201708/01/2017 The Greatness of Christ
T0972 Christ greater than the Angels Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 580015‑2:18!330015‑2:18Hebrews 1:5‑2:18 20170115,15/01/17,15/1/17,15/01/201715/01/2017 The Greatness of Christ
T0973 Christ greater than Moses Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 580031‑4:13!330031‑4:13Hebrews 3:1‑4:13 20170122,22/01/17,22/1/17,22/01/201722/01/2017 The Greatness of Christ
T0974 The I's of Romans 7:1‑25 Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 450071‑25!610071‑25Romans 7:1‑25 20170129,29/01/17,29/1/17,29/01/201729/01/2017 I, Myself
T0975 The I's of Galatians 2:18‑21 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4800218‑21!2900218‑21Galatians 2:18‑21 20170205,05/02/17,5/2/17,05/02/201705/02/2017 I, Myself
T0976 The I's of Philippians 3:4‑14 Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 500034‑14!570034‑14Philippians 3:4‑14 20170212,12/02/17,12/2/17,12/02/201712/02/2017 I, Myself
T0977 The Ministry of Peter - The Kingdom Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 40016019!50016019Matthew 16:19 20170219,19/02/17,19/2/17,19/02/201719/02/2017 The Ministries of Peter, Paul & John
T0978 The Ministry of Paul - The Church Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 4800112‑17!2900112‑17Galatians 1:12‑17 20170226,26/02/17,26/2/17,26/02/201726/02/2017 The Ministries of Peter, Paul & John
T0979 The Ministry of John - The Family Donaldson,Brian!Brian DonaldsonBrian Donaldson 43017026!40017026John 17:26 20170305,05/03/17,5/3/17,05/03/201705/03/2017 The Ministries of Peter, Paul & John
T0980 The Family at Bethany and Journey to Judea Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 430111‑19!400111‑19John 11:1‑19 20170312,12/03/17,12/3/17,12/03/201712/03/2017 I am the Resurrection and the Life
T0981 Jesus and Martha and Mary Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4301120‑36!4001120‑36John 11:20‑36 20170319,19/03/17,19/3/17,19/03/201719/03/2017 I am the Resurrection and the Life
T0982 Jesus confronts and dominates death provoking Enmity Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 4301137‑57!4001137‑57John 11:37‑57 20170326,26/03/17,26/3/17,26/03/201726/03/2017 I am the Resurrection and the Life
T0983 Matthew 26:1‑46 Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 400261‑46!500261‑46Matthew 26:1‑46 20170402,02/04/17,2/4/17,02/04/201702/04/2017 Easter Series 2017
T0984 Matthew 26:47‑27:66 Callicott,Paul!Paul CallicottPaul Callicott 4002647‑27:66!5002647‑27:66Matthew 26:47‑27:66 20170409,09/04/17,9/4/17,09/04/201709/04/2017 Easter Series 2017
T0985 Matthew 28:1‑20 Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 400281‑20!500281‑20Matthew 28:1‑20 20170416,16/04/17,16/4/17,16/04/201716/04/2017 Easter Series 2017
T0986 Jerusalem - Acts 2:1‑47 Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 440021‑47!180021‑47Acts 2:1‑47 20170423,23/04/17,23/4/17,23/04/201723/04/2017 Good news that changed Cities
T0987 Samaria - Acts 8:5‑25 Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 440085‑25!180085‑25Acts 8:5‑25 20170430,30/04/17,30/4/17,30/04/201730/04/2017 Good news that changed Cities
T0988 Philippi - Acts 16:9‑40 Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 440169‑40!180169‑40Acts 16:9‑40 20170507,07/05/17,7/5/17,07/05/201707/05/2017 Good news that changed Cities
T0989 Thessalonica - Acts 17:1‑10 Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 440171‑10!180171‑10Acts 17:1‑10 20170514,14/05/17,14/5/17,14/05/201714/05/2017 Good news that changed Cities
T0990 Athens - Acts 17:15‑34 Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 4401715‑34!1801715‑34Acts 17:15‑34 20170521,21/05/17,21/5/17,21/05/201721/05/2017 Good news that changed Cities
T0991 Corinth - Acts 18:1‑18 Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 440181‑18!180181‑18Acts 18:1‑18 20170528,28/05/17,28/5/17,28/05/201728/05/2017 Good news that changed Cities
T0992 Romans Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 45001001!61001001Romans 1:1 20170604,04/06/17,4/6/17,04/06/201704/06/2017 Paul's City Epistles
T0993 Galatians Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 48001001!29001001Galatians 1:1 20170611,11/06/17,11/6/17,11/06/201711/06/2017 Paul's City Epistles
T0994 Ephesians Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 49001001!24001001Ephesians 1:1 20170618,18/06/17,18/6/17,18/06/201718/06/2017 Paul's City Epistles
T0995 Philippians Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 50001001!57001001Philippians 1:1 20170625,25/06/17,25/6/17,25/06/201725/06/2017 Paul's City Epistles
T0996 Colossians Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 51001001!20001001Colossians 1:1 20170702,02/07/17,2/7/17,02/07/201702/07/2017 Paul's City Epistles
T0997 1 Thessalonians Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 52001001!070010011 Thessalonians 1:1 20170709,09/07/17,9/7/17,09/07/201709/07/2017 Paul's City Epistles
T0998 Lord, what will you have me to do? Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 44009006!18009006Acts 9:6 20170716,16/07/17,16/7/17,16/07/201716/07/2017 Being a Servant of God
T0999 Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 46010031!020100311 Corinthians 10:31 20170723,23/07/17,23/7/17,23/07/201723/07/2017 Being a Servant of God
T1000 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 50004013!57004013Philippians 4:13 20170730,30/07/17,30/7/17,30/07/201730/07/2017 Being a Servant of God
T1001 By this is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 43015008!40015008John 15:8 20170806,06/08/17,6/8/17,06/08/201706/08/2017 Being a Servant of God
T1002 Let me go first and bury my father Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 42009059!47009059Luke 9:59 20170813,13/08/17,13/8/17,13/08/201713/08/2017 Being a Servant of God
T1003 I have finished the Work You gave me to do Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 43017004!40017004John 17:4 20170820,20/08/17,20/8/17,20/08/201720/08/2017 Being a Servant of God
T1004 The revealed light, Jesus' family and the storm (Luke 8:16-25) Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 4200816‑25!4700816‑25Luke 8:16‑25 20170827,27/08/17,27/8/17,27/08/201727/08/2017 Luke's Gospel
T1005 Legion (Luke 8:26‑39) Thomson,Stephen!Stephen ThomsonStephen Thomson 4200826‑39!4700826‑39Luke 8:26‑39 20170903,03/09/17,3/9/17,03/09/201703/09/2017 Luke's Gospel
T1006 The woman, issue of blood and Jarius' daughter (Luke 8:40‑56) Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 4200840‑56!4700840‑56Luke 8:40‑56 20170910,10/09/17,10/9/17,10/09/201710/09/2017 Luke's Gospel
T1007 Aleph - Psalm 119:1‑8 Ford,Yannick!Yannick FordYannick Ford 191191‑8!591191‑8Psalm 119:1‑8 20170917,17/09/17,17/9/17,17/09/201717/09/2017 Psalm 119 - The importance of God's Word
T1008 Beth - Psalm 119:9‑16 Hughes,David!David HughesDavid Hughes 191199‑16!591199‑16Psalm 119:9‑16 20170924,24/09/17,24/9/17,24/09/201724/09/2017 Psalm 119 - The importance of God's Word
T1009 Gimel - Psalm 119:17‑24 Ollerhead,Peter!Peter OllerheadPeter Ollerhead 1911917‑24!5911917‑24Psalm 119:17‑24 20171001,01/10/17,1/10/17,01/10/201701/10/2017 Psalm 119 - The importance of God's Word
T1010 A New Song Pulman,David!David PulmanDavid Pulman 190401‑5!590401‑5Psalm 40:1‑5 20171008,08/10/17,8/10/17,08/10/201708/10/2017 New Things
T1011 A New and Living Way to approach God Stevens,George!George StevensGeorge Stevens 5801019‑25!3301019‑25Hebrews 10:19‑25 20171015,15/10/17,15/10/17,15/10/201715/10/2017 New Things
T1012 The New Jerusalem, Millennial and Eternal Thomson,Paul!Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson 660211‑27!600211‑27Revelation 21:1‑27 20171022,22/10/17,22/10/17,22/10/201722/10/2017 New Things
T1013 A good man, the character of the pastor Kell,Gordon!Gordon KellGordon Kell 44011024!18011024Acts 11:24 20171029,29/10/17,29/10/17,29/10/201729/10/2017 Barnabas - a model pastor
T1014 Full of the Holy Spirit, the power of the pastor Hughes,Jonathan!Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes 44011024!18011024Acts 11:24 20171105,05/11/17,5/11/17,05/11/201705/11/2017 Barnabas - a model pastor
T1015 Full of faith, the life of the pastor Brown,Ernie!Ernie BrownErnie Brown 44011024!18011024Acts 11:24 20171112,12/11/17,12/11/17,12/11/201712/11/2017 Barnabas - a model pastor
T1016 Sending out the twelve, Herod and the feeding of the 5,000 (Luke 9:1‑17) Anderson,David!David AndersonDavid Anderson 420091‑17!470091‑17Luke 9:1‑17 20171119,19/11/17,19/11/17,19/11/201719/11/2017 Luke's Gospel
T1017 Peter's confession, Jesus predicts His death, and taking up the cross (Luke 9:18‑27) Britton,Ian!Ian BrittonIan Britton 4200918‑27!4700918‑27Luke 9:18‑27 20171126,26/11/17,26/11/17,26/11/201726/11/2017 Luke's Gospel
T1018 The transfiguration and the Epileptic healed (Luke 9:28‑45) Callicott,Paul!Paul CallicottPaul Callicott 4200928‑45!4700928‑45Luke 9:28‑45 20171203,03/12/17,3/12/17,03/12/201703/12/2017 Luke's Gospel
T1019 Christmas - Prophecy Donaldson,Brian!Brian DonaldsonBrian Donaldson 33005002!51005002Micah 5:2 20171210,10/12/17,10/12/17,10/12/201710/12/2017 Christmas Series 2017
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